1 Million – Lagos Baby (Sisi Eko)

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if you see any lagos baby hey.
tell her say am in love hey.
see that lagos sisi hey…
i be single ready to mingle.
sisi eko.sisi eko.sisi eko… oway.
eko ile (3x)
iwa tiwode
lagos girls no they wanlan kolo hay..(wanlakolo)
no dey wanlankolo hay…
lagos girls are independent ladies.
and they too fine ooh. oway

talk about lagos talk about beauty.
talk about lagos.is the sex and the city.
talk about the city of mobile
naija las vegas
popular like ney york
no matter the figure
everyday they make amili million
when it comes to concert i sold out.
welcome to the place where good girls go bad
i dey follow lagos girls around
i no won miss track
every night here we dey party party
girls many when go rock up
your body
call your girl friend
i call my boy friends together we b e friends
storm lagos party
girls from lekki
girls from ikeja
girls from apapa
girls from AJ city
una too fine oh
una too fine oooo oway.

Verse 2:
shi see as i bocu my boot
shi oya make we rock this gbedu
shi see omo be in the mood
because if you dey look
shi no be foe mugu
oya everyody see as i burst up the place
shi see omo all the girls them dey shake
oya wine with the look on your face
me i no come here come look uche face
as i sing they dey wangele wangele
all the chicks they dey gigenle gigenle
lagos girls them. lagos girls them. they dey wine hey..
oya wine for me ooh hey..
olomi ooh hey..
wine for me ooo
lagos girls.. na you i want ooh hey….

Verse 3:
lagos lagos big city of dreams
the city that never sleeps
your boy is on he scene
baby girl you can have house, the the VI
i will be your TI
you can have what ever ever you like
they call me lady santa
as long you stick with me
your life na fanta
ude ibo say omaricha
mexican call it mamacita
lagos girls are blackberry
as i pin you
you will be my halleberry
eko eko full of elegant chicks
most magnificent thing hey
i don love oooooooooo
lagos baby the way you dey package yourself dey make me fall in love hey…..

lagos girls no dey wan lan ko lo ko
lagos sisi no dey wan lan ko lo ko
lagos girls are independent ladies and they too fine ooo hey
everyday we dey pup up the beat
we dey pup up the dance
we dey pup up the place hey
o2 dey pup up the beat
o2 dey pup up the beat
i dey pup up the dance floor
na me be 1 million
damooz they here so
i come from the states come rock you for your state.

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