19th Street – Bo Se Fe

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Submitted by Osagie for M.et.al

Bo se fe (3x)

Verse 1
Picture me in a brand new car
Cruising 3rd mainland bridge yessir
Picture me in a whole new area
Banana Island, close to galleria
Picture picturing a picture of a picture
Of you and the president, Jonathan Goodluck
That’s good luck in trying to getting new bucks
No more school shoes but sky tops and brand new chucks

Bo se fe
The money and the cars and the cloths and the lights and the girls and the shows.
Bo se fe…be lo ni mo se fe and that’s the way it goes.
Bo se fe
I aint got to worry every day, I’m steady tryna make my pay
Bo se fe
Just the way you want am o
Na the same way I want am ooo

Verse 2
With all the money and the swag that you own
You BB her and she knows you Bold
Anything that you say sounds good,
When you promise she knows u would
Shopping sprees and trips overseas
Dem like am, when you get their needs
Dem want am
So I be rather chasing money losing women, than I be chasing women losing money

Imagine me just chilling on the island
Everybody just feeling me when I land
Imagine me just chilling on a boat
Where my doors all closed and the rosé cold
First class seats
Chilling with Cohbams getting first class beats, yo!
The red carpet, the best outfits
And i dash money to my first class chicks, yo!
More money, more banks, more nairas
More cash, more bread, no bakers
More flows, more shows, more raters
More game, more fame, more haters

(Repeat chorus)

Money, cars, clothes, girls, the shows
And let the beat flow, u know, haha
I want it all men, period!

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