19th Street – Oya

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Submitted by Osagie O. for M.et.al

Uh!! Uh!! Uh!!

Oya(6x) confirm
Oya(6x) confirm
Oya(6x) confirm
Oya(6x) confirm

Funmi nijo re (OYA OYA),funmi onko re(OYA OYA),funmi nijo re(OYA OYA), OYA (7x)

Verse 1
Fresh out of school,call me a genius
Tell me what the deal is,tell me what the P is
Hit you like a racket,something like venus
No am not a virgin,i use my ——–
Fix all the pieces,number one hitlist
Seen many faces,been to many places
Yes am the latest,yes am an A list
Hardly pop pure water,i rather aces
Aint nobody better than the rapper than na confirm
When i start dancing,i get the chicks one down
Night till lyk sun down,trigger till i gun down
When is my time to shine,umm now
Yea,speak clearly no tom tom
Ama ama let the beat rock lyk boom boom
Boom boom boom boom boom
Then i jump on okada so i speed like zoom zoom

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2
Fresh out the booth,rhymes so loco (ah)
Feel my vocal,yes am the koko
Man u is the logo,rare lyk urhobo
The kids gat sauce like samboribobo
I am loco,i am so solo
Whiter than omo,clear digi photo
Gata love for my girls no homo
See me on the streets with a ride no motor
No motor,yet you follow
You cant never reach me tall like iroko
Bigger than a jumbo,swagger like you dont know
Chilling with your girls they be lyk
O no nooooooo,c chykooooooo
I cant let gooooo,cause my steps dey gloooow
En dey glooow,lets GO

(Repeat chorus)

Funmi nijo re,kode funmi onko re,mofe gbaundele
Mofe gbaundele (2x) AH

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  • Soundin fake,punchline tòh suck,KIU(KIP IT UP)

    El-danny June 29, 2012 9:39 am

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