19th Street – Space Love

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Me and you together (together)
Places you’ve never seen (where you love to be 2x)
Where you’ve never seen before
Baby I’ll take you places (I’ll take you)
That you have never been (everywhere you wanna be)

Imagine you and I up in mars and we’re heading up to Pluto
Just you and I, just just just you and I, just you and i girl

Imagine you and i up in mars and we’re heading up to Pluto
Just you and I, just you and I, just just just you and I
I’ll give you space loving

Verse 1
Am sipping on chronic
Body so hot she so erotic
We can take a trip, first off in mercury
Kiss on the bed while i please you mentally
Then we can stop at Venus
Talk about life cause you’re rolling with genius
After that we can cruise down to earth
Let me show you what your worth as i roll out my purse
We can stare at the stars, while we chilling on mars
You’re my superstar, that’s who you are, on Jupiter
Place on your finger the ring around Saturn
Love you the most, you’re the one that I’m marrying
Skip Uranus, Neptune, u know
Don’t need an icebox, we got Pluto

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2
I’ll give you space loving(2x)
Just take my hand along, yea
Take my hand(2x)
I’ll be there (2x)
For you (2x) Girl
You and i (2x)
We can fly (2x)
To a place (2x)
Where imma give you space loving, space loving, space loving
We can go (2x)
To and fro (2x)
Ololufe I wanna take you there.

(Repeat chorus)

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