A-Q – Sold out

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titles=A-Q – Sold Out]

Verse 1
Who u know been through what I been through
Been where I’ve been through
Been screwed been booed off stage
Been dumped been dropped been single
Been loved been searching baby I didn’t mean to
Bore with all that don’t ask what I’m into
Why the evisel sag low simple
I’m thug but baby u could help me
all u got to do is say yes and be wealthy
Yes B I was born in the 80’s
Military era that raised me
Baby u should be my lady
And we could get laid crazy (laugh)

The girl fine
She got to be mine
If she were a ticket she going be sold out
Sold out (3ce)
she going be sold out

Verse 2

Baby ur so fine no disrespect to ur homey
But I’d like to get ur number to stay fresh in dome b
Promise I aint going to sex on the phone
But its amazing how ur skin colour reflects on my own see
Ur mans to busy flexing @ home
Let u on ur own to rome all sexy and grown
That aint professional a lesson that can shatter ur home
But u aint got a problem out on ur own
U need to listen I got something to share
But u making it hard to get through like customer care
U in demand see how the customers stare
But just give me a second to get it through customs my dear
U got nothing to fear
U got the right to chill and share a bottle of beer
But if we end up under the sheets
Just remember that I told u that’s the end we split

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 3
4o grand for the shoes and I don’t rock reeboks
I roll the sleeves up so u can see the wrist watch
Let the swag do the talking I don’t discuss
We could married today and tomorrow be divorced
U don’t drink but we still pop in clubs
We could hang out oniru beach resort
U keep intouch cos u know I will not
Got a lot of money on my mind for me to be stock
I really like u but I aint try to wife u
Picture me walking down the ile saying I do
U wouldn’t like me if I was that type see
U wanted a bad boy in the sheets u had me right be
Now u want the boy for keeps so unlikely
U should be happy that I’m still talking nicely
Get ur mind right give me that behind nice
And after we don I’m introduce u to the lime light
Hook u up with sick trends we could be a couple then
Make dead presidents ur best friends I’m promising
Just leave it all to me
They say love is blind but ur boy can see

(Repeat chorus)


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