A.Y.O – Let It Go

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I’m A to the Y to the O
I roll with guys like M to the you know Muno
We like to party, spend some money
Play with shorties, you know
Late night clubbing
Rolling dem dice thinking that we’ve been balling
I’m going to the club tonight
Is anybody coming with me, let’s go feel alright
Cos I’m ready to roll
Wait a minute lemme get my stuff
Lemme freshen up
Its been a while I’ve been thinking
Why don’t we all grow up
Leave this behind
I mean them girls, them parties.
Them wines and the one night stands
Like the prodigal son they had the lives of a king
As the prodigal son they had to live with the pigs
No matter what I’ve done can I still come back to daddy
As we both know she’s carrying my baby
Maybe I could do the same thing
But I’m guilty as charged
Pls tell me why, now I realize
How I wish we knew, that we were doing wrong

You shoulda known
You shoulda let it go
Oh oh oh
Now that u know
You can let it go
Oh oh oh

You think it’s over now
Cos you lost your job and your home
But there’s a friend indeed
He will wipe your tears away
If you wanna give your life better hurry
You don’t need to bring bring no money
He’s been good to me (2x)
Better hear me hear me pls
Cos I don change I don change
No be say I too much eh eh
He gave me joy, laughter, made me smile again
If you listening to me
Better listen real good
Cos its time (3x)

Oh oh oh oh (2x)
Oro baba so mo (4x)
Tetile ko gbo mi (8x)

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