Al’Chaddas – Freddie E

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titles=Al’Chaddas – Freddie E]

R.I.P big dannie; I still see you record me though.. Freddie E this is for you, I mean this is for us… Eff with me.

How do I begin this;I know I gat this,I’mma 1st kill it then send it to them in Paris; you rappers aint fit-aerobics;only time you fly is in the comics,here is what hard is..
Make you sound like ma b!tch when the lights off,kevin Rudolph, crack flow-you might cough
Like an envelope from david, gat this words in ma head, I’m the letter man, so try to understand.

They be like where you been.. Freddie E back, I aint racing with y’all so get off the track, so you can call the request line for the song; and you can play it all day long..yea
They be like where you been.. Freddie E back, I aint racing with y’all so get off the track,yea I heard you was looking for me,I know what you wanna ask me before you ask me.

Best seller born; far gone; shit I’m on; son I warn; where he from; dead body on a lawn; in the morn run a marathon, blow a horn ;tensed like you at a prom; prayin’ like a nun; I’m not done wanna come; hot bars could keep your lady warm; watch you burn;pardon me, I be looking for a ‘G’, that’s me; ask Vayne looking for an artery; I be looking for Freddie E’ yea-damn!
Put a pussy in yo ears-its f++k watchu heard, freddie E back, my ambition geared, I wear shades while I sleep you don’t see ma dreams, I’ll need contacts to see you human beings; invest dirty money in detergents that make it clean-
They be like where you been-
Like they lack protein,
Damn-al’chaddas you nasty,plus I’m so cole, no Ashley
I’ve been down, bet the devil thought he had a partner, now I’m high, I eat skies; I’mma need a sofa
ALcyclopedia hot!! Yea swear down-
If you doubt that, nigga don’t stay down;
Girl I’mma take you everywhere- magic school bus;
They gat everything but nothing on us-
Put my verses in vases and throw the flowers huh
She kills time with a ‘H’- the world is Hours huh
Damn, freddie E f++k with me, you been away for so long these niggas f++k with me;
9 minutes to place a fake 9 at the scene of the crime, 1 more nigga loyal enough to come and dine;
And boozy mayne gat us like 8 and 9, in case you didn’t get the line, 9 is never a prime-
I’ll be digging deep, so I can make it mine
Wave a finger to these rappers waiting for a sign;
No make up on me and freddie doing fine
Nigga I rap, I mean f++k the rhyme
Two headed monster now that she gimme head
No flour supplies- mayne I need the bread;
When they punch lines, I don’t feel the pain;
They’ll need to turn on the autotune on like teddy pain..
They be searching for me like a holy grail-
You labels can’t pay me:dats a soul sale

I looked momma in her eyes;those were not fake;
But aint no running from your dreams till you’re awake
We sorry if we made a mistake:
Now I’m boutta get it- just like we missed a take;
In my hood we don’t care about your favorite rapper;
Like there’s dope in my head;I’m my favorite rapper;
You know where I’m from; just a couple bars and I’m done;
No_no_no I’m back on you niggas, I don’t play you niggas, I weigh you niggas;
You aint shit, you so full of shit, I still eat you niggas;
If they told you you good,then they told a lie-
And if khalifa was a preist, I’m the most high;
Shout out to cheezVille tripple B where you at;
When I step in the club, all these fellas re-style their hats;
Rick styles up early, covered me like six-thirty ;shit

You know what it is;It’s the tune freddie E right here,boss, young chadrizzy in the building.. CheezVille baby..tune watchu gotta say about this
TUNE; eyoo,whats up y’ can call me mr money ball;yea cos we money ballin’ biatch!
(What else are you doing; what else are you doing)
-mayne I be smokin’ all that purp, and sipping all that stuff
Alright, you know what it is, boozy mayne up in this.. Yo wot-it-do; wot-it-do

BOOZY: I’m cool mayne I’m cool,I’m just slow right about now
Yea you know what it is.. It’s the afro-man, blackest of them all; you know what it is- richkid phalobie
RiCHKID– blackest of them all? Where brave at?..
(You killed that shit; you killed that shit)
Aii aii out here.. The beat maker- killer of em all
Geek beats labar
GEEK_ (Chuckles)

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  • This boi's dope!! These are flawless lines..damn!

    tony January 23, 2012 10:24 pm
  • Now that's Rap… CheezVille all day!!!

    Fiddlesticks January 26, 2012 12:50 am
  • Baddest oF em all,γφυ fuck-n nuggah thumbs'up….{WGTB} …

    Yungwhezee January 26, 2012 1:28 am
  • This dude…….. This dude……. This dude! *speechless*

    annonymous January 30, 2012 10:51 pm
  • Dope Nigga 4rm J-city….. Looking forward to do some shit with you and Vayne someday…. Vayne is ma homie j-city…. U d flyest Nigga! Thumbs up bro!

    Maxtrip June 25, 2013 1:53 pm

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