Andy King – Survivor

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You Know how we do
Andy King Ladisa

Verse 1
See I was born May 14 1985
Family of six and am still alive
Thanks be to GOD cause he gave me
Da life and he gave me Da music and
Da flow to survive yeah am Nigerian
Proudly Nigerian igbo bot to da core
And I ain’t gonna tell a lie The
drama in my life makes me so Stronger
no matter how they fight me
I will live longer, from Lokoja to Abuja to
Lagos while da music took so long? Nobody
Believed us you got to do it by yourself
Nobody wonna help that’s da kind of the
Country we living in politicians they are
Magicians they give and they double take
Back from da people that is why Nigerian
Country so bless but da people still living in stress

Am Nigerian woooh oh oh oh
Situation in my country be like
Malaria woooh oh oh oh
No matter how we cure still
In our area woooh oh oh
But if we survive here
We can survive any where
And that’s why we are Survivors (eaaah)
Am a Survivor eaaah oh oh
You are Survivor oh oh oh
We are Survivors oh oh oh
We are Survivor eaaah oh oh oh
Am a Survivor eaaah oh oh oh
You are Survivor eaaah oh oh oh
We are Survivor

Verse 2
We are blessed so blessed
But da country living in stress
I felt my sweat but then I have
No regret am black so proud and
I will say it loud GOD help my country
In my soul am not letting go am Nigerian
And it has to be so o
See am da fish in da sea with no gills
But I survive I survive……..

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 3
We survive any weather cause we black
And we strong da liberty of life and how we
Carry on through hard times to searching for da
Light and is hard to see da light when you
In da dark when you in da dark you can’t see da light
When you can’t see da light that means that
you are lost yeah and that’s how I see this country
we are so lost but only GOD can save us
See KPiano gave me this instrumental incase you don’t
Know is business baby, yeah like M.I see I make da flow
Simple so you can feel I infripid is a black survivor if he
Survive through hard times why can you not (auuh)
We are black we are strong don’t let them tell you that
You can not do it

(Repeat chorus)


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