Anu – You Are God

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Submitted by Anu
Composed and lyrics by: Anu Osilesi
Producer: Wayne Wilson


Verse 1:
You tell me, you never leave me, you tell me you are here
You watch over me every day, you are my refuge
You are my strength, my very present help
In time of trouble

Though the waters may roar, you are with me
Through the darkness, you are my light
In the midst of the storm, you will lift me higher
My trouble is defeated, cause you are God

Verse 2:
When my heart is weary, your word comfort me
you never despised my thought
in my pain when I am crying, your love covers me
and you wrap your hands around me


You cover me with your feathers; you place me under your wings
In you I will put my trust, I shall not be afraid of the terror that move by night
Or the arrow that flieth by day.

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