Ari – Chacha Naija

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titles=01 Ari – chacha 9ja]

1st verse
We look to a new day
Where the sun is shining over us again
A day where we’ll be free from shame
And there’s no more pain
I know I hear u say impossible
Na naija we dey, e don tey
We don blend plus we no send
I know that feeling I understand
Shebi na here we dey, when things dey better
Na here we still dey, when it turned the other way (oh yes)
But we’re not gonna quit (no)
U know we just gotta make it work
So I get down on my knees
Send a little plea
Felt the sweet relief
That comes from deep within
Then I heard the voice up there
He told me bout the new day in our land

Chacha naija,
it’s our dream soon to be reality
chacha naija
where everything’s green
it’s not any fantacy
chacha naija
I know the night is long
But soon we’ll see the sun
So I still believe
New naija for u and me
Chacha naija
I believe I believe (Ah Ah)

2nd verse
u’ve been searching for the land
one u’ve seen in ur dreams for so many years
e don tey wey u don dey think about America
sometimes south Africa
even Saudi Arabia
anywhere the system works
where the people are priority and not just worthless
where u can be what u want
achieve what u want
live ur dreams like u really really want
need to look no further
na naija u dey see my brother
where everything dey boku
u no go need to hustle
yes I’ve seen it too
men in black harassing u for twenty bucks (no more)
stuck up in the traffic in a lagos bus (no more)
up nepa when dem bring light
the next 10 minutes all we see is candle light (no more)
all of these days’ll soon be history
we’ll be looking back at all the misery
so better buckle up
and join and sing this song
if u believe in chacha naija (say)


So incredible the way that day would be (I know)
Cos I’ve seen it all, here inside my head (it’s on)
yes it’s possible, let’s start to think it right
cos that day is gonna come
in no time we’ll see the sun
so here’s what I believe
that we will soon be free
‘know it deep within
connected with divinity
he said he heard our plea
and that’s enuf for me
Naija go better


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  • Great song, fantastic lyrics…

    Adeleye Femi November 24, 2011 1:03 pm
  • Fyn voice, fyn music. D sky is ur startin point Mr

    Mabawonku Victoria O January 1, 2012 1:44 am
  • It’s a wonderful song that embodies what we are going through today as Nigerians,our hopes&aspirations…this is real music!Way to go Ari.

    Olamide Banjoko May 29, 2012 2:08 pm

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