Lyrics: AT – Rude Gyal Demo

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AT baby
And I’m repping A.G.E. baby

Gospel on the beat

Hmm, me I wan be the best
You be olodo you wan cheat for the test
No more space at the top but they say make I dress
Bros, e no too poss, no vex
Badman dem, me I wan jam dem
All these dulling boys, me I can’t stand dem
I no dey look for money, I go make mine
Gonna run tings so all of you, take time

Demo (shwag), demo (shwag)
Make I teach you how to demo
Demo (shwag), demo (shwag)
Make I teach you how to demo
Eh, eh, eh, demo
Eh, eh, eh, demo
Eh, eh, eh, demo
A.G.E. we murder them all

Verse 1:
Everytime I land like whoa
Who be dat, looking too fly to be true?!
I’m tryna get a goal, you just watching the post
I’m so dope man, it’s guaranteed I go blow
He said he wan see me, I bet he wanna
Be the one but he’s just like many others
No time, just tryna get the dollars
I no dey lie, me no be lover lover
Me na bad gyal, yeah me like the ganja
Fur coat in the winter looking like a panda
Riding the beat like a rollercoaster
And if you got a man better hold him closer
Me no, me no want trouble o
I can see it in your eyes say you don jogodo
If you think I no try carry go Sokoto
Cotonou, I’m the best, is that what’s chooking you?


Verse 2:
Step up on the scene like sho
Best clothes, never wear the same to a show
The boys dey kolo for the way I dey flow
No gra gra, cool something, no be so?
Feeling kinda stressed out, think I’m gonna
Lay out, blaze one for my troubles
And if you wanna say something, say something
Me no get no time to dey form plus me hate fronting
Now who that bad man wey dey stand over there?!
Look him in the eyes then he start coming near
Me I no dey talk, make no comment
Bad gyal a grade a, dem a low budget
Got a crazy attitude, me na rude gyal
I fit take all of you to school, you my pupils
Man, they treat me like a king when I dey calabar
Me a new school, dem still dey dance galala

Hook: (x2)

AT baby, AT baby

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