B.C (Billionaires Club) – Why She Dey Vex

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titles=Billionaires Club – Why She Dey Vex]

Ekelly on this

Why she dey vex
Its BC
Why she dey vex
Its Teddy, IBK

Chorus: (Teddy)
Bare girls just wanna get down low
Why you dey vex for me I no know
Talk to me darling, tell me what’s wrong ohh
Na for party we dey blow
Now you know you dey feel me soo
Plus you no dey smile
Girl lets go
Oya why u dey vex eh, why you dey vex oh
Why she dey vex yeah, why she dey vex ooh (x2)

Verse1 : (IBK)
Call me baby so that I can take you to my club life
You know what we doing, what we doing after midnight
You see girl you see see I want you down on me
I don’t have to tell you please girl
You know what it is yeah

Chorus (Teddy)

Verse 2; (MD)
Why she dey vex , she wan make I send love
Haha Mr Fedex, if she tell me am angry then am on to the next
Am pissed am mad, shorty am vexed
You no be Barbie so why you dey dull
Jekalo si le girl lets go to the wall
Girl take it easy coz I don’t wanna fall
Mr America, Mr Nigeria
All my girls are of all criteria
Damn, when the party starts all over
And now all them pretty girls are just coming closer
Pretty girls who I go select
Pick one now and they rest just vex
She dey vex she no like my parole
I’m that young lasgidi boy, yeah now she know
Haha Bad man with that bad man flows
Why she dey vex that’s what I wanna know

Hook: (Teddy)
She dey vex and I know why
Coz too many girls are on my mind
Then its time for us to grind
She say no and I ask why
She said she jealous of the other girls she seen me with tonight
And she wants all my attention so I told her that’s not right
Girl you fine and you blow my mind
But you drinking too much wine
You acting out of line tonight


Why you dey vex for me I no know

Its B.C
Ekelly on the beat

Why she dey vex

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