Badst Mcube – My swag speaks

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I cant shout but my swag can speak,my swag can speak,my swag can speak
i cant brag,my swag does it all,my swag does it all,my swag does it all…

verse 1
ah i got money,i got cash,see me ontop like say i be baba god..i got a lot of girls full around my ass so i dnt need 2 shout,i dont need 2 brag,i dnt need 2 was ma spit cus my swag 24hrs mute hold up no comment,am very fast u wanna verify? U wanna knw my user name go check ur file,can neva be found cus am nt natural u wanna pass me dealth? Srry i got d anti-doss,start 2 feel ma flow,cus i walk wit doel,girl take it down low,want u 2 take it slow,d way u move dat 2 buddy cant take it no more..girl my pocket is full of cash wit diff currency havng diff 4low me go i cnt shout nd i kinda nt brag cus i got wat it take 2 make u feel my swagg….


Verse 2…
Am dizzy,cus i got 2 much efizzy,if u got money i swear u gonna go dizzy,u gonna go clubing 4rm morning 2 evening,scatar d dancing floor nd diss my d best fuckng rapper no odar can fuck wit,MCUBE u re d best ,i no dey que when they line up cus i no send,i move foward lk say na me be superman..why sud u speak? Wen am nt all ear,i cnt shout cus my swag alway speak jst take a luk at me,i got all it take 2 make u feel ma swag,d call me bad boy bcus tem dey fear my swag..u can see i got all it take 2 make u feel ma swag..

Chorus till fade

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The talented entertainer Oshodi Adedayo also know as Mcube aka Cube Man hails from Lagos State,he z gifted wit music,a songwriter well as a raper,..He has created a nitch for him self and with a unique sound. His Mentor in2 music z Tupac but love listening 2 50cent ... For bookings #PIN 287EBA58 Ω̴̩̩̩̥☺ 1 pays me attention but music did,so dat z y i took music 4ma companion


  • nic lyric M.cube

    I am M.cube August 8, 2012 5:22 pm

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