Bankx – Fi Mi Le (freestyle)

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Submitted by Bankx

lemme tell u catz hu I be
The kain words I dey spit no be sumtin 4 free
Invest in me be d main reason 4 d name (Bankx)
I though u clda figured dat in me!
Its easia to hear
But its cool if u can feel
Dat D words dat I spit break bounds when unleashed
Am hota dan forever an and goin in like I neva
Wen u see me on d road better move like wateva.
Gidi boi steez to d bone
Wen am in d zone
Steady moving on fast forward
Ge ge geht rolling
U manz moving on a slow pace get blown
Make I luk face
None of una dey known!
Omo I don tire
People too dey bad mouth
shawty on a long kip it short
Not one minute
But not one year
Baby make I warn ya
Awon boiz we no send
No dey 4m here
We aint sprung here
Gidi boiz don’t care
Shawty on a long
And we move like dey dear!
Moving to the next
Progression is a steady process
no 2nd guessin
Av elevated to better stages.
Am steady moving
Am getting heated
And getting better
Am gettin illa
And gettin sicka no medications
My levitation is gettin higher
To Better places
Baby u can tag along
But I  don’t need stresses
Am tryna focus on methods Of steady stacking figuers
A limitation is aloss i
I don’t think i need it
I’m tryna say I want it
If u keep d legs open
But u keep d mouth closed
I don’t want no bickering!


Call me mista leh-let’s get it on
If u wanna  shawty co-come get it on.
I got game babygirl jus play along
I wanna put- my position
In ur destination.
fust ting
We textn
Den we sexn
Den we clearing the whole environment
Ryt afta evicting
Shawty got trippin
And walking so I sed fuck it
Ryt behind d front door
Was middle fingaz sayn deuces
If she only she knew dis
Dat my mind was still missin
So a damn stayd missin
While am scrolling down digits.
Looking 4 d next link
To invite to the sex scene
All over the wall
Gettin blown like jet scenes
Am on some next ting
Cats wanna test me
D style wey I get baba God na em bless me
So don’t come round me chattin
Bull figures
Of hus wat and wat not hus hu figures
Hus dese niggaz
Chattn bout big figures
Money on my mind
I don’t no bout dese niggaz
Am tryna make it to d top
To get the bigger picture
Catz relyn on now
Am living for my future.

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