Beanpole – Celebrate

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Enigbope loun celebrate(3x)
beanpole opoewa! come follow me jubilate

Na my time to celebrate
yami tuka tuka
Come join feel airy
yami tuka tuka
Dont worry, it all about the money
More money mean too much spending
Pound sterling, euro ati dollar
Its time for shot
oyah feyin
feyin(3x) show your 32
feyin(3x) show your 32

Verse 1
Na my time to joli
Tell a friend, come follow me roll
Forget your money
No go spend,got a bank roll
No matter how much, no matter how little
life is too short, grab yourself a bottle
lets get tipsy, lets get high
you see any bad belle just say bye
shayo na bastard
you know say me dey here
na me be father
see them gals and pornstars
generals dey in form
won ti mu concar
na my time(3x)
To celebrate
na my time(2x)
everybody come follow me jubilate.

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2
yami tuka tuka
na me dey do something
If u feeling super
oyah now grab somebody
Am in the mood to rock this party
omo bring barcadi
if u feeling this song
no dulling get your groove on
Do anyhow, be who you wanna be
Scatter head even take a drag of canabis
Noone dey watch, noone dey look you
Tobayo funn rae lomabi
see am better by far
Dont test, my skill is so bad
Beanpole opoewa, moshi nwa eni kunra
if u like what it takes, jeka fara kanran

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 3
Na my time(3x)
To graduate
Na my time(3x)
to elevate
Na my time(3x)
to conjugate
Na my time(3x)
to impregnate
Na my time(3x)
come participate
Na my time(3x)
cant liquidate
Na my time(3x)
No castigate
Na my time(3x)
no delibrate

(Repeat chorus)

Enigbope loun celebrate…till fade

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