Beanpole – Sope Ti E

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Ti e,ti e, ti e (hey yeahhh)
sope ti e
Beanpole Opo ewa
(hey ey ey)
mo sope temi

Ipo yowu to lewa
Is never the end
No matter wetin u get
Just keep on dey flex
Oba to da rabbi alaso
loda rabbi elepo
Mase gbo oun ti won soo
Sope ti e

Oga ade sope tie
Tamedun sope tie
lagbaja sope tie
Tasere sope tie

1st Verse
You fit dey hammer today
Make ur friend dey collect
Work and pray never settle for less
Stop living in fantasy
open your eyes to reality
Eni o mo ibi egbe ngbela
Oni toun a sare kuni
I dey try no be lie
To make it in life is more than meet the eye
(you know oh) ki se oju lasan ni
Tani mo la ko wa wi
Tan toloun ko wa so
Owu emi na kin lo yankee
Owu emi na kin lo germany
Owu emi na kin lo bentley,lambourghini,ferrari
kin fi sese rin

(Repeat chorus)

2nd Verse
Beru ba mo inuro
oye ko mope du
Ungrateful heart better becareful
Check your past till date learn to say thank you
Sope tie
Funny how the world goes round
Many dey look for naira others dey chop pounds
Life is full of ups n downs
Never give up to wear the crown
Anything you know give it a shot
No matter who you be
You fit be on top
Be happy omo ko soro
When your own time comes
You go praise the lord
Ojo tin pagun bo ojo ti pe
Forward ever backward never
Ko malo bee
Now our cds don dey sell
Enemies wey dey vex
Go jump for well

(Repeat chorus)

3rd verse(by Jah Bless)
Am living this life am on a ladder
Every night and day am Working harder
Hustle for the pay to get to stardom
I wanna drive sleek cars
And live in mansions
Hmm hmm yet am stepping further
i dey drink gari sleep but it doesn’t matter
Seeking for help one place to another
Living in your dreams nothing seems to work out
Hmm hmm here comes the sunshine
After the sun we got the moonlight
Ile aiye yii is full of ups n downs
Some moving forward some round and round
No condition is permanent is what this about
ipo kipo ti moba wa
Modupe funn baba
Ese oh i thank the lord
Ese oh eje kin lenu gan

(Repeat chorus)


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