Big Ben – I Don Tire ft. Tonia Zee

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titles=Big Ben – I Don Tire]

Big Ben
Tonia Zee
Coming back with this wonder
We all better and stronger

This the picture of an average Nigerian
It’s your bo, you already know
Big Ben tellem
Tonia Zee
And it’s T-Klex production

Shey na only me de see this ye-ye
Abi na only my garri get sand-sand
Me i don tire oh x 2

Ok, Lemme see you picture this
He wakes up in the morning and he brushes up his teeth
He opens up his fridge and there’s nothing there to eat
and even if there was something there, there’s no light to keep it “freezed” uh!
Politicians are teaching the young the ones that
Only through corruption can you become someone uh!
They’ve stopped youth from going to school
And even those in class don’t see their teachers no more.
Once upon a time it was no work, no pay,
but now there’s no pay for even those who want to work.
The government keeps on asking please give us more time
enough time to keep reserves going down
someone once said, Nigeria Jaga-Jaga
they told him guy hush, in fact take waka!
but no leader can prove him wrong
there’s still no light, no water, bad road I don tire joor!


They’re wondering why the young girls are prostituting
Young men turn to crime and just keep on looting
impatience is the order of the day,
the men in black or blue see crime and they face the other way uh!
I just gat to say it, i don tire oh,
but trust me I’ll keep on fighting, no surrender oh
respect to all the politicians who have done well
Donald Duke, Fashola yea their very few!
A four year program if you’re lucky can take 6 years
and when you graduate there’s no job sef!
The landlord is on your neck for the house rent
family pressing you to get a wife soon
and when you look out your window
all u see is
politicians flaunting and blowing their sirens
the land is green, but for how long?
God forbid for our kids not to see this land still green.


I floating in a wave’s tide, that I can see the lifeboat
Every single day we pray for Nigeria to change
We say we need today to be
We say we need a brighter day
Nigeria, Nigeria yea!


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