Butch – Mushy Mushy

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titles=Butch – Mushy Mushy]

yup! Ooh ooh …Ehhh! Bidi Yup yup yup.. Mushy Mushy (Butch) you dey make me cha cha yup!

i dey go mushy mushy, na she dey make me go mushy mushy. (o lord) i dey go mushy mushy, Na she dey make me go mushy mushy.(o lord). Yup! Mushy mushy mushy mushy(yup!) who she,who she,who she?

Verse1 (BUTCH)
Make u cum roll with me gurl,imma rock ur world.imma bad boy girl buh i ain’t singned to puff..am takin it gently i ain’t tryna be rough. All i w’na do girl,is to show u lov.Ama kip kip u,till the day dat i die.way dat i like same way dat u like.u go fit be my wife run things as we like…Anythng that u want i go do with my life.. Am going mushy mushy,kushy kushy.i lov ur gucci gucci.gerrin my mitsubishi. Neva met a gurl make me feel this way,even if i have to pay.

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2 (omo 9ja)
fine girl she a Northern gurl,and i need nobody to tel me she fine wel wel,i no bad gurl like her.but no other gurl like her.different frm taxi and mitsubishi cute and clean and the rest bushy bushy,GRA and the rest na Rumoukrushi .gat me feeln uchy uchy gat me feeln mushy mushy.
Who she? Is the question that we askin..light camera action dem reacting,my own to the bone.queen of my throne.she neva leave me alone..

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 3 (BUTCH)
butch yeh,butch yeh
Neva seen ur type before,u make me ask for more.am goin into the sky( like an astronaut )
u dey catch me like the daar sat fever,wen u ask for cash i go deliver..wey ur blackberry bold make i ping u…wetin be ur pin code gurl(imma ring u) ..just u anythng ama gve u..tah! Ok,lets go..
Am goin mushy mushy,kushy kushy.i love ur gucci gucci…gerrin my mitsubishi..Neva met a gurl make me feel this way..even if i have to pay..

(Repeat chorus) 2x

0la la la la la,la la la classics,mushy mushy..cha cha

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