Buzy – Draped Up

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Submitted by Buzy

(cough) 6.4 whadup,gud lookin out boogie

I got Gucci on the belt, Prada on my feet, Burberry on my body ain’t no one as hot as me, cause I’m draped up (draped up to dip out).
Big bands just to blow it, I got money I’ma show it, so every time you look at me y’all know it, I’ma be draped up (draped up to dip out).

Verse 1
Big boi comin thru buh aint talking Eldee
I spit fire n haterz yall never match me
Leej boyz u know dat be the best clique
Yea we stay high all day we on some dope shit
We going in like the nails on the casket
Mess with me I leave u 6ft between the casket
It life is a b**ch(beach),I’ll prolly dive into her ocean
The kid got sparks buh he ain’t talking Gordon
Making magic is all I know,I’m sorry if I vexed you
Yea I’m coming straight they buffer like they waz youtube
They gone crazy so you don’t wanna mind dem
Lyrically they dead and I see ghost behind em’
I’m on the paper chase I see them paper running
Like cash in bank I see them ha-haterz withdrawing
They asking if I flow better, I don’t kia
Me I won’t judge ya (Georgia) ain’t from Atlanta

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2
Call me tunny64 fresh out the liquor store
Riding so dirty yea I’m high buh my pants low
We be on some cool ish buh we lookin hot though
Chillin wit leej boyz now we lookin like a bank roll
Oh, no lie we making more dough
N ladies go gaga when they listen to my vocalz (vocal)
Yea we on to the next one, now your gurl lookin up to me somn like im 6.4
I’m 6.4,tunny6.4 no like mo’fucker yea I stay tall
I be on the grind leej boyz on the line all day oh boy we toured up
We messed up,we fucked up, we dipped out n we draped up
Dat chick wasn’t Asian buh sure as hell she could bangcock(bangkok)
Uh -oh,no long journey they be tripping
Combination key code unlocking hell yea they -they be diggin’
Haha,oleku I know-I know they be feeling
The kid so hot n now they hating cuz

(Repeat chorus)

(a-a-a-a-clique named legion),its yo boi tunny64 baby
Big shoutouts to traqtarr,staqks,yoo kulsoul I see u


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