Cashino – Just Call Me NDT

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Submitted by Cashino

Chorus (2x)
If you don’t know my name just call me NDT

1st Verse
I let if off with big bang gwann Cashino rock steady
9ja put it down
and this track’s heavy
Tricks want beef, but can’t handle veggie
When I drop a NDT Medley
Over J Killah’s beat
Got my air to streets
Giving crushing defeats
Any blood who wan test
Lay it to rest
Wise Intelligent arhhhh
Knowledge reign supreme over near every body

If you don’t know my name just call me NDT
If you don’t know my name just call me NDT

2nd Verse
Yes I’m back again
Lagos city
Coz I’m African
come thru with the crown jewels & notion that cash rules
I sacrifice
These fools that worshipping Ice
Its mic chords for amateur
Messing with a Connoisseur
Blood I drop that hip hop raw
All you do is stand in awe
Win loose or draw
Outcomes the same
Maintain or get
Blown out of the frame
I take aim
At modern day critically acclaimed
Creatively drained
They starting to sound all the same
So I code name easy
Auto tune like Weezy or Kanye West
But tribe’s called quest
Check the rhyme y’all, check it out ~

Repeat **Chorus**

3rd Verse
I sporadically spit lines
throwing up
in these sick times
Infinitely better flow – the trend setter
As i walk in
fall out
All i got Making tracks with PMD
NatWest with NDT
U better walk with me
The Hawk in me so I grab shit ( reversed word ) when I want shit ( reversed word )
Beg no friends
In the Sky
Like Loose Ends
Praise the Lord
yeah you know In God we trust
With a plan that’s robust
Never come with – the bull or
Acting up.
I’m like military build & your
Out of luck
Keep yapping all day
Talks gibberish
I finish this

Repeat Chorus

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