Chase – Ife ft. Mo’cheddah

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Common common (yeah2x) common common give me love and that is why
Every time i wake up in the mo morning
I see your face you smile and so much joy comes in
So grateful that i have you
If you’re through then i’m through
I’m gonna prove it
I’m not ashamed to say it
Cus honey i love you
Place no one above you
Baby i choose you
Where you go i’ll go too
Masoyi na, baban yara na
After you there’s no one else

Ife o ‘dunmininu

Verse (Ollah):
The very first day that i saw your face
I knew right there that you’d be mine
The kind of love you’ve shown me still i can’t explain
My heart is yours, take it all away
Baby i love you, place no one above you
My heart chose you
Where you go i’ll go to
Ololufe mi, daddy omo mi
After you there’s no one

(Repeat chorus)

Verse (January):
Your smile
So mild
So sweet
So tender to behold
In your arms
There’s no harm , you shield me with your love
That’s why i’ll always say
Lala lalalala
After you there’s no one else

Verse (Mocheddah)
It’s the way we exist above all issues
We connect the love like bluetooth, never doubt the way that im feeling you
Let my guard down let my heart show see through, see me in the way no one ever does
Above the hype and the buzz i’m forever yours,
Ah baby hold me tight never let go
Its mocheddah with the billionaire flow

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