Chinaydu – 9ice The Ingrate

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Abolore or what do they call you”Alapo Stupid”
Hey yo 9ice
You must be out of your mind to think RuggedyBaba the man that brought you up in this industry will stoop low to exchange childish words with you,For what?
Yo stop being a coward
Say what your problem is or shut up
Face your music
Try to fix your marriage
And the beef goes on (2X)
9ice you’re so dumb,everlasting

Verse 1
Mr Gongo aso don did it this time
His last album couldn’t cut it so now he is beef inclined thats lame
He got fame backstabbing like Brutus
Tradition album wouldn’t sell
Now he’s selling rumours Rugged straff dancers?
Perhaps but him na single chap you tried do am too your marriage collapse
You had Toni Payne jumping taxis with your baby boy
But she bought the first car you drove Honda Baby boy
Now Toni Payne “used and dumped”
Jah Bless “used and dumped”
Cabasa “used and dumped”
We all know you’s a chump
Rugged made you who you are now you wanna Baba diss
You cant sing
You are chanting incantations like a herbalist
Ask about T.Boi you need a line to him? I’ll give you his number
Go ask him why Rugged fired him
Rule number one dont let it go to your head
Me calling your name on a track is something you should dread
Something you should dread

When i say 9ice,you say ingrate
9ice” “Ingrate” “9ice” “ingrate”
When i say bashorun you say gor
“bashorun” “gor”
“bashorun” “gor”
And the beef goes on (2X)
9ice you’re so dumb,everlasting, Ever lasting

Verse 2
Talking about your girlfriend giving your best friend a blow job the girl got a hoe job,you?
You got no job,Your so called street credibility’s a scam
You’ve used up all the Yoruba adages you can
You couldn’t even spell your name right.
You need to get a life,
You couldn’t keep it tight
You couldn’t even keep your wife
Since you dwell on rumours
Here’s a few i heard people say little birdy told me 9ice is gay
He swings both ways Wande Cole slapped him
He got a crush on Don Jay (Don Jazzy)
Smokes jay
Messed up Nelson Mandelas birthday
Calling Ruggedman a bastard thats funny yo
I heard your mother abandoned you when you was 8months old
And your father threw you out to go live with your grandma
He suspected somebody else did it with your mama.
Rule number two
Don’t get too full of yourself me calling your name on a track is bad for your health

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 3
What kind of father are you?
I end the matter with you, so Baba don’t gotta bother with you
He got you the money
He got you the wife
Now i am taking the 9 out your name and putting you on ice
Cos you are a scam artist
The sham artist I aim at you
You’ll never hear me say “damn i missed”
So when Zion grows up
And asks “Talo bi mi”
We gon tell him it’s one ingrate
(We don’t know your father)
The only way you sound nice is when you’re asleep snoring
Only man that can smoke weed and still sound boring
Rule number 3, never bite the hand that fed you
Me calling your name on a track will likely get you

(Repeat chorus)

  • 3


  • Unbelievable lyrics. Without doubt the most virulent diss song from out of naija. Sorry 9ice, this rookie buried your ass.

    Kosi March 18, 2011 3:11 am
  • why are dese pple doing this,u guyz are compromising ur confidetiality n dats kinda bad

    her excellency April 7, 2011 5:06 am
  • u just cooked up a story so as to make track…..u full grand

    dolphy May 6, 2011 7:04 am
  • Am kindna of chinaydu’s fan n of 9ice..Dnt wanna ask wat happen buh they shld call a truce

    Smarmy G June 24, 2012 5:49 am
  • I don't think you guy's are grown ups?……Nigger. Beef inside d music industry? I don't blame you I blame does who gave u d chance 2 put dis track on. Making fools of yourselves. People like dis destroy our great country.

    Janet Jones July 5, 2012 4:09 pm
  • Me Luv diz,thou it’z a dizz,it cud gv d recipient a pizz!

    El-danny July 7, 2012 2:08 am
  • Ruggedman…. grow up!

    dee July 22, 2012 5:59 pm

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