CJ (Chuba) – Noisemaker

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Ta loun Pariwo (Played repeatedly in the background)

X-Sound on the motherf*cking beat….
I go by the name C.H.U.B.A, That’s Chuba,
Imma bouta kill’ya

Every time I flow it’s like I’m outta my mind, its probably because I’m flowing outta my mind, my actions speak louder than words like a mime, every sh*t I speak is def- U gotta read the Signs,

Yes I nailed your chick, Call me Mr. Carpenter- Mr. Carpenter, yeah all I do is hammer, Bank account to make you stammer, keep you nodding like Agama’s, Man of the moment like Obama, I’m so serious like Osama,

Imma god-Imma King, im the effing dalai lama, killing these n*ggaz like the clan in Alabama, See my money is speaking and money don’t stammer, money is speaking you can hear it blowing grammar

Money goes around and comes around I call my money Karma, Watch the company you keep cause we aint governed by C.A.M.A, your wifey bringing drama-wanna be my baby mamma, I’m like listen lil mama that’s a full stop not comma,

How many seeds do I farmer, how many names do I crammer, so many P*ssies in here but all of them na Jamma-Jamma, so I spread em like Bama-Bama mayonnaise ,get in them like gamma-gamma f*cking rays,

Go at it for days-Leave ‘em in a daze, when I’m done have ‘em feeling like a rat in a maze, I’m always outta line like I’m writing in the dark, Always on time like I’m sitting on a clock,

Im a predator & bi*ch I bite like a shark, Star of the team you see more benches than a Park, my swagger overflow I could dash you bro, I gotta couple of hoes like kardashian so,

Different toilet shame shit, money over ashana’s cause ashana’s don’t make a n*gga shit, but my bank account? Shit, That’s the shit, I mean so much shit, my bankers call me Mr. Suckaway Pit,

Suck away b*tch, I feel that pop’aholic itch , that means money bouta rain in this b*tch, flyer than an F-16, Eff your team, already told you n*ggah I’m the star of the team,

You a ball boy hardly ever seen on screen, I’m Mr. Environmentalist-all I talk is green, My money make your climate change till you haters go green-with envy, school you I’m in my own league like ivy,

Flyer than Virgin Nigeria, and I remain her first b*tch like I disvirgined Nigeria, flyer than a Pirate, n*gga like a pirate, no apologies-while I take your gees,

I’m cool, I’m cream-I’m Mr. ice cream and she wanna lick the wrapper so I let her lick the rapper, if ogoro be like woman and imma palm wine tap’her, illegal connection-you bet your ass im gonna tap her,

Niger-Delta militant gonna kidnap her, God I am way sharper, than this James Blunt n*ggaz and I’m just in my first chapter, when you going do when the book is done,

When you gonna learn I got the fire so you know I’m gonna let it burn, they say Life is a bitch so I keep pampering her daughter, treat her like an aje butter, kiss her make her heart flutter,

I’m on the grind every time like gutters, on the street like empty sachets of pure water, I cant shout-I don’t shout-I don’t utter, don’t mutter-another word till m sitting on a quarter,

Of a billie acting illie on a cutter , getting head from chicks in akoka, I’m Hip Hops nutter-Hip Hops Rotter, I’m about a slaughter, hide all your daughters, I got that magic stick like the n*gga Harry Potter,

They tried to box me in but I was with a box cutter, tried to box me in but I gave an upper cutter, I knocked em out-I knocked em out, with only one hook men I knocked em out,

These n*ggaz they be saying sh*t, talking sh*t, someone must have peeled my skin off cause I swear I aint feeling sh*t, Stevie wonder when they flow cause I swear I aint seeing sh*t, know they lips be moving but I swear I aint hearing sh*t,

I’m deaf to all that bullsh*t, understand all I really understand is sign languages, naira sign, dollar sign, pound sign, Euro Sign, you know I’m heavy like a sumo and I’m,

Not beating up the beat-I’m killing it, words like drugs and I’m out here dealing it, they said we couldn’t last long but n*ggah we still in it, every second counts so you know per second we billing it,

Every word said they feeling it, track after track like Coca-Bottles they keep re-feeling it, Who is he, He is Me, C.H.U.B.A on the M.I.C,

Imma god-imma beast-from the east-imma problem, if its more money more problems then dude I got problems, but you know who goin’ solve em, same n*gga in the mirror like n*gga what’s your problem ,

Loopy say they over killing it, well I aint over with killing it, knife in hand blood spilling it, 9ja serial killa and I’m still at large, still leaving large-still in charge,

They N*ggaz say they got a sweet tooth-I’m Mr.Fudge, take it easy too much baby of me u go pudge find me chilling in a barge, Mr. Hard body keep shooting at me I aint even gotta dodge,

Sickle cell flow I am killing this n*ggaz, killing this n*ggaz like my finger on the trigger, automatic shot n*gga plus I’m way much slicker move so many chicks they call me female trafficker,

Don’t f*ck with me I aint got no rubber, streets is up for grabs and imma highway robber, all day lover-all night lover, and I wont tell nobody stay undercover under covers

And that’s a rap niggaz, (laughs)…….
I got that sickle flow, You Know………
Its hot in here n*ggah,
X-Sound on the motherf*cking beat,
CHUBA on tha MIC,
Y’all go tell somebody, we did it we just killed everybody over here and niggaz looking at me like I’m fucking impaired somehow, I guess I am….
Kill the Mic please (its hot n*ggah, Please kill the Mic)

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Uncolonised Entertainment, Indie Record Label. Home to Nigerian artist C.j aka CHUBA.

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