D’teez – Party Time

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haa! D’teez Tolourx and Topsman, G2wyce production let’s go feel these.

It’s party time everybody let us go, D’teez don start to dey rock the show everybody let’s get busy, for this party champagne dey Henessy dey fine fine ladies dem dey here coz this party no be small thing.

Verse one
If u come to party, shake your body, no do like say u no soji, oya come to party, come to jolly, to shack henessy, for this party omo shayo plenty, dance with the chiks, listen to the beat dance to the beat, no dey delay make you start to dey craze hook up with the babes… this kind party no be seresere so my people no dey take am play come to the dance floor no dey dull dull D’teez in the building make we dance on, for this party omo no time for dulling oo, oya make you dance make you forget your worry oo, for this party shayo dey flow… everybody oya make we dey gooo..


Verse two
Everybody let us go D’teez don start to dey rock the show, no dulling for my party everybody come and jolly, enough of shayo dey here champagne moway yapa 4 here, this party no be lie my brother make you come feel am, baby come on shake your ass, move it to the left and right, you know this na party time oya now let’s wine and dine, no dulling no frontin oya now let’s keep on dancing, D’teez in the building keeping you busy, do nothing but just dance to this one.


Verse three (rap)
Yeah, D’teez in the house, droping the hit make you feel it loud, you know what I mean don’t ask me how, to make you dance is what we vowed, you want more common call on us, coz D’teez we are droping it hot, dance to this you don’t need to dey dull, all my people know what’s up, D’teez on the hit G2wyce on the beat, shake your booty girl let me see, Tolourx and Topsman making you mental, feel this it’s your boys D’teez.

(Chorus 2*)

come to my party 4*, it party time 7*, D’teez in the building.

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  • Nice lyrics by D'teez how can I download the song

    Sunqy September 29, 2011 4:19 am
    • Will put up the download link soon! Check back in

      Bukie October 7, 2011 3:30 am

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