D.I.S Guise – Nigeria Dreamin’

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titles=Nigeria Dreamin’ – D.I.S Guise]

Open that book them call dictionary/
Open am make you see/ x2

Upside down en dey there proper
Open am make you see/

Them recognize the work for sure yeah/
Pa, hun pa hun pa hun pa yeah

Them people organize/
Pata pata/
Nigeria dreaming/ x4

I must be dreaming, somebody wake me up/
Zzzz, coming out my mouth I am not daffy duck,
Am of course, sir don’t give a (Fuck)/
Don’t it hurt, that am cream of the crop/
Sucks that you not but life is such/
See it’s a pain in the ass/
That am living for the women and they living for the cash/
Am living just to fit in that the reason that I rap/
Man, in fact sometimes I pat myelf on the back like damn/
d.i.s how you do that/
from number thirty Adekunle village to cuba/
from riding on a danfo to pushing a new car/
I don (fucked) the haters up use kamasutra/
I’ll,I’ll,I’ll use whatever suite cha/
And if it done work guess what? That’s right I’ll shoot cha/
Cuz u such a doosh and I am what you refuse/
d.i.s guise bad news, I give them the deuces damn/

Them people organize/
Pata pata/
Nigeria dreaming/ x4

Now she fifty and these niggas wan marry her/
If she had a double g she would be niggeria/
Military self wan come marry her /
They rule us with the force its like a physical barrier/
But I like am pass when Fela marry her/
Soldier go, soldier come, soldier go warrior/
Look non of you are men, you victorias’/
You girls so I dare you to marry her/
Scratch that/
Now am paying homage/
Am happy to be here murtala mohammed/
Its first of october so I pay more homage/
To legends of the land so sincere, so honest/
I got that naira note, so don’t (fuck) with my commas/
Its One million naira, omo shey you no dey see the commas/
One, zero zero comma, two three zero, comma three/
Am a beast and I make a lot of cheese Nigerian/

Them people organize/
Pata pata/
Nigeria dreaming/ x4

Won ni, rhymes me o shi she/
Aint that a cliché/
I go wound them all, wo gbogbo yin lema sheishe/
Mi she mo, leave me be please for pit sake/
I used to think G-shock was fact it was G shake/
Wooo, how ghetto was that/
I settled for wack shit, now chedda’s on stack/
Jocking, jocking my shit, please get off my sack/
Rewind it nigga bring it back,
Hold up , nigga rewind it now bring it back, hot/
Am out for that ching ching chasing that jack pot/
Omo Yoruba to lenu be koroba/
I slap box these rap cats around, yeah nigga am that hot/
And am Nigerian, yes, I really am/
I terrorize with the bomb, give me a minute man/
Now whip a kilogram of talent with peter pan/
And sprinkle killah man/
Then you got me, who the Nigerian/

Them people organize/
Pata pata/
Nigeria dreaming/ x4

For overseas/
I go talk about upside up and downside down/ x8


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