DCube – Undull

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titles=Dcube – Undull]

‘Ave been in the game since, u just a demo
No need for long thing, am brief like a memo
Moleku bi Iceprince ati Brymo
Freshboy chilling so cool like thermo
I gat the cash I don’t deal with promo
Am so clean, I don’t need ur omo
Am so straight so pls nohomo
Listen to ma lyrics well this1 no be bobo
I just dey like 24hrs ,
doing ma thing for them to hear ma Vocals..
U claim ur a god but u gat no powers,
No need 2 shout come get champagne showers
Step in the club all we do is popping,
no stopping,no flopping, no gocking ,
check d tables mehn we are topping.
So Undull and tell me wats popping
Neggizzy on the beat, pls take a sit
Am physically fit, Dcube na me am about 2make some hits, no need 2beef just dance and move your fits cuz

No more sorrow, no more Pain
No more borrow, cuz we gain
Dance2 d beat and feel hi ray
Let me see u Jirate,
let me see u jubilate
Its time we start to celebrate.
E je ka jaye saye,jaye, saye, jaye, saye
Oya Jeka Undull
Je ka Undull. 7ce

2nd Verse:
When u come 2my party,
everybody make sure u come with ur shawty
Hennessy dey, sepe, even barcardi
If u no get babe u go see ‘shalam’ carry
Every body Oya start2 Relate.
Pls no time to dey underate,
Pls stop to dey underestimate.
Boys stop am no dey Contemplate
No time 2 dey Think Think Think
All u need na 2dey Drink Drink Drink
See me as am living like a king
Papa God bless me I dey shine like bling bling
See me well Baba God bless me naoo
So whine ur waist ko de bere fun mi naoo
Mo feran tobi, tope, shade ati funmi naoo
Mogbono feli feli bi amala to ginoooo
So komole ko mujojo
Feel free to watch d scene,no be mojo
Am a fresh boy check out ma Logo
Enemies come my way, dey should please go go

(Chorus again and Outro)

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