Dencia – Super Girl

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titles=Dencia – SuperGirl]

Bobo u gotta luv me oo
Eh Eh ey hey
bobo u gotta luv me ehh

Verse 1

Brand new swag brand new song
Fresh an’ clean guys where you @
Where you @,where you @
Oh I’ve been waiting all this while
For a guy who’s gonna treat me right
In my life ,in my life

Oh boy please treat me right
My heart is beating fast
I can’t go anymore oh oh


You know that am a diva
Luv me and I’ll love you back
It’s gonna be 50/50
If you wanna be with

You know that am a diva
Love me and I’ll love you back
Cuz AMA Super Super Super Super Girl

AMA AMA super girl
Bobo you gotta love me oohhh
Super girl AMA AMA Super Girl
Bobo you gotta love me Eh Eh

Verse 2

Knocking at your door
Knock knock knock
Bobo you need 2 open wide
Am coming into your heart
If you love me jeje
I go love you tender
If you hold me jeje
I hold you tender
If you touch me jeje
I go touch you tender
And if you kiss me jeje
I go kiss you tender

Bridge x1

Hook x1

All ma super girls all around the globe
Rock diamonds and pearls take over the world
It’s Dencia Reppin Africa

Hook x3

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