Dharsaw – Tempted 2 Touch ft. Sossick

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titles=01 Dharsaw feat Sossick – Tempted 2 Touch]

Verse 1 (Sossick)
Ooo, eeh hmnn. This is for my ladies hmnn
This is for my girls around the world, yeh (T-T-T Frizzle on the mix)
Girl I want you to know, you’ve got me feeling like I’m on top of the world, yeh
Girl I want you to know, everything revolves round you girl [Na so the thing go]?
I’m thanking God that I’ve found my love, yeh
[Na so the thing go]? Said it feels like you’re sent from above, yeh
And if I no touch you, I go feel so sick, I go feel myself
But I no rush you, coz I know it’s not good It is bad for my health
So girl I’m feeling so alive, baby no be lie, lie, oo eh

Chorus (Sossick)
So, girl you know that you are the finest thing I’ve ever seen
I wanna give you everything you need and diamond rings
And the way your body rolls, I think I’m losing my control o
Girl I’m tempted to touch, I’ve got to let you know that I’m tempted to touch

Verse 2 ( Dharsaw)
E bami p’olopa
Eko 767 Eni kan ma [bo loke]? 39 – 11
E ma ma je k’omo yin ranmi lo si quick heaven
Ba mi pe [IRS]? kan ma bo ni Surulere
Omo yi ti fe pami, o fe yami ni were
Mo r’omo to fine, da ipe mo jump
Omo ele, emi na wa handsome
O dun bi ice cream, please let me have some
Je ka jo ma roll, je ka jo ma run things
Da mi lohun jo , ma ba mi long thing
Mo mo pe o fine, o wa tempting to touch
You’re so beautiful and your swag is so much
Ma je ki’n paro tan e, you’re my kind of girl
Toripe o fine, lai lo makeup ati gel
Everybody gan le fowo so’ya pe o fresh
Nkan ti mo fe nipe ki emi ati e jo ma flex


Verse 3 ( Dharsaw)
Oba osomo Dharsaw ma ti wolede
Ki l’omode yi n gan, yepa! Kilode?
Eru agba, kii se’re omode
Eleyinju ege, oluju ede
Telemi kalo, je’n gbe e lo’le
Ele damilohun, ko de ma mumi sere
Bo se kun siwaju, lo se ni backside
Eleyi kii se medium, na very big size
Nkan to ba fe, I go pay the price
Folakemi jo, mo ma treat e nice
Mo fe soro kan, mo fe confess Inu mi a dun, t’oba le ***undress***
Maa gbe e sinu yara, maa gbe e sori ***bed***
Maa bere si ni fi butter mi sinu slice bread
Tin n ba bere lati ABC lode Z,
O ma pariwo ***oh my God, I’m dead!***

CHORUS till fade

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