Lyrics: DJ Jimmy Jatt – Komije ft. Sauce Kid, Orezi, Muna, Igho

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Intro(Dj jimmy jatt)
Once again this one is dedicated to all the fans
And I am cool dj jimmy jatt
In here her royal flyness muna
My boy sinzu
We gat Igho in the building
Let’s get this party started orezi come on

Chorus – Orezi
When am on the mic
Aint no one can stop me from shining
When am on the streets
The fans they love me when am freestyling
Won komije o (Won komije) x4

Its IGH men I just be coking my level up
So now the difference is clear call it seven up
Got your girl bouncing You don’t even know
She jumps on it jumps off like its jimmy’s show
You damn right imma keep scoring
See these gucci shoes homie aint footballing
Plus you girlfriend they claim family
Fact is I don’t know her (noah) like ramsey
See all my boys dey hungry
Omo They for like chop
Coz all their eye don red pass eye drop
You wan blow omo there’s a protocol
You need a video then omo am the protocol
No adult grown with the flow you fit hear me rap
These baby rappers hungry you fit feed them cerelac
Uhn if you dey vex I know get time
Jo o…you fit go hug optimus prime

Verse 2 (saucekid)
When they see me with jimmy
They see that sinzu is in me
Am sleeping dreaming a millie
My millie is hitting the ceilings
One of the few dudes who really is keeping it silly
Shout out to all my dudes that are really getting it with me
Am Better than several dudes
Plus I paid hell of dues
Been the best in the game but am guessing you never knew
Now Making revenues from avenues I never knew
Tripping on my dues is something I’d never do
No doubt flavour a different kind of sauce
Bad chicks on me they see am the boss
All the ladies love me but the dudes mad at me
All the chick on my tip and am the swag daddy
When I be on stage the be feeling my persona
Only God can judge me that’s what I told my honour
African american sinzu am like obama
Sinzu is sinzu oluwasaucekid baba


Bridge (Orezi)
Dj jimmy jatt what’s the deal o
Keep the music bang bang banging on the stereo
Everybody looking bright like the rainbow
If you hating on us abegi laylow
Coz e le to e lo lele
Oya mujo omo ele
Ani e le to e lo lele
Ke lo lele
Ani e le to e lo lele
Oya mujo

Verse 4(Muna)
Back when I started they chatted like I was chicken hearted
Disregarded they fired like I was so retarded
Like How I go from unnoticed to be the freaking target
Now when I step in the room they all dearly departed
What the deal is, you really keep up on it
When I flip it on the mic you can swear that you know me
You see them babies they love me like I was dripping honey
And all I really want to do is help you spend your money
Y’all know the damn drills so get your hands up
Y’all keep it coming and coming coz we never stop
Still on that groove tip that am gon make you move to
Because party aint a party if I don’t spit
On the mic on a song that you like guaranteed that aint nobody gonna do it like I I
Miss the baddest the baddest that ever did it and don’t you ever forget it

Won ko wa je bi ewa goin
del b mhen sick beat
My boy sinzu saucekid
Of course IGHO
The flyest of them all
And you already know premium dj cool dj jimmy jatt

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  • Simply Wonderful! I'd been searching for a Nigerian song I saw briefly on Tv for week. I only saw Muna when I watched video but I really liked d song. Didn't know d name of d song or any of d other artiste cuz I only watched muna's rap for a few seconds but I was able to find d song & lyrics here- KOMIJE , DJ Jimmy Jatt ft Orezi, Igho, Sauce kid & Muna. THANKS

    Eno November 16, 2012 8:16 pm
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