DJ Xclusive – I’m Xclusive ft. Vector

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Verse 1- Vector
This right here is xclusive
You must like it because you’re a fan
sit down if you cannot stand me
I had to do this
Rotimi is family
I sacrifice punchlines,wanna punch lines like me
Boy assault your granny
No new Jack i’mma big dog
So i can’t be compared to a few cats
I train some and put them on track raaa
I send shot Out,you take shot in
Am the done
I ball so cool like i conditioned the Air in Milan
Even when i’m on the beat,i never run a run though tryna buy a condo
like i gat illegal money get it
Condo,am dope
Killing bad guys am Rambo and Commando
This is football and i no dey play
Act or end in the pete (pit) Edochie!
Bow like you shoot Arrow
zan ba ki ma di fa yaro

I’m xclusive sorta like a Dj V.E.C wetin dey
tell the dj to put it on a replay x2

Verse 2 – Vector
i am
i am
I am sick and i won’t recover
Yeah rapper claiming A list nah i’m bothered
So i wanna meet the Ace,and i get the chase on
Make A run(Aaron) like you Moses brother
Don’t play with me
boy don’t test me
i will blow so hard,i make boko envy
I’m so far gone
effing . . . . . . . .
I might blow so hard i make your girl near drip #wet
But i am not going down like a low cut
I gat the a i strength like the robot
See me on the street but they Say none
And i ain’t even tryna Mix i’m not good with the phegnoms***
Respect the best on a mission
Them they cut cap like Circumcision
I’m so fly even D.O to the T.U.N call me O..A..P
VECTOR which one be O.A.P
i’m so fly On Air Personality Fool


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haters cant see me cum-ming like a blind prostitute


  • ol boi…..

    Vector na the baddest and illest rapper…….

    *clap for the rapper that is bravo! Bravo!! Bravo!!

    I am the guru with the voodoo, there is no babalawo i know with the spirit i posses…….*

    Hassan Nurudeen March 29, 2012 2:14 am
  • There’s a mistake kinda on the lyrics.. After the football part its “act up and end in the Pit(Pete)..Edochie”. “I send shots out,big poppa,u take shots in..Vodka” “I aint even tryna mix,am not good with the Fade Knobs”

    Jo_papi May 10, 2012 2:07 pm
  • Shutout to V.E.C am just hearing dis oo Call Me O.A.P

    hassan mubarak June 4, 2013 6:06 am

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