Lyrics: Djmewsic POM – Check Up ft. Skales, Vector, Hakym The Dream

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titles=Djmewsic POM – Check Up]

Verse 1 – Skales
Dj Mewsic turn the music up
I’ve seen this before they want me to flop
I enjoy seeing my haters broken hearted I’ve been winning all ever since the day I started
That’s why I’m wanting this forever you can have a day
Took it to another level make them learn the hard way
Everybody is an actor in my dream am living it to the fullest you can tell from every scene
I cheated on life feeling like a crook
All I do is win am living like a tpain hook
Never get broke or get out of rich
Life is not fair success is what I use to bleach
Unlike you am the next thing after fresh
You witnessing a God disguised in flesh
You messing with the best
No contest that’s why I beg you put me on so I can manifest

I love the life of the life that am living
I don’t give an eff what they saying
Omo ti je lo na o je lo na o
Won ma le ba wa mo o

Verse – Vector
Emi ti je lo na o je lo na o
I can’t mess up I’m to sick tell the doctor I’m ready for check up
Mo ni flow to ki listen
Orobo flow toh sean kingston
Ask about me lori ta fogo
I run scales like its a guitar solo
Party like a rockstar party like I run the aso rock sir
Me I move faster than a sports car
These niggas are wack I can never be them
I got big jaw bones so I chin em
Vector tha viper word the mic my flow is so water
Cream of the crop that’s the cocoa butter
Rightnow I swear I’m the best for sure
Elegushi right now am the best for shore
Now a lot of queens want to do the king
There’s money on my mind see my thoughts are kinda green
If You no billionaire you no fit know my worth last card
Check up

Verse – Hakym
O wee
No time for smiley
Hello its mr me
What’s the possibility of you ever touching me
Oti wash pi pi in my porsche
I’m fly catapult
I’m down our koko done sign our driver down whine down
Naira turn dollar pound
Lamba turn limbo limbo turn lamba
Probably going limbus
Lamba that
Oku eni ti won ma fejo sun x2
oya lamba that
Orire ni mo gbe wa ye x2
Let’s table the matter on the floor
Your girl Give more
She wan follow when I talk
I got that sauce kid sinzu no be know
Ani mo gbona bi amala toh gina gan gan

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  • nice music

    tunji March 29, 2012 3:13 am
  • Vector verse

    i got big jaw bones, so i chew them..koshi

    Damola May 21, 2012 7:57 am

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