D’Prince – E Must 2 Be

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titles=01 E Must 2 Be]

Omo e must e to be (mo na owo)
Am hot like 1000 degrees (mo na owo)
Mo ni ke free me jekin jaye feel my p (mo na owo)
Who God don bless omo e must to be (mo na owo)
mo na owo
mo na owo

Verse 1
Shebi na me dey spend dis cash on ground no be credit
Oya roll that booty na that booty go make me spend it
And the way I spend it people say my money is splendid
Mmmmm that’s why I dey baff up and rock my gucci and fendi
Back it up drop it low like oh oh oh eh
The way you give it to me tell what you wan do eh
Its a beautiful view from where I dey
I go ridicule you with money today
Them go recognize me for here today
Dem no go no say e must to be


Verse 2
Oshamo mo bo shen shey
Oshamo mo bo shen lo
Mi o gbo omo de bi but mo ma gbo moge lo
Baby yen baby yen ton posted on the corner
Sisi yen sisi yen top posted on the corner
Baby alajoda won pe me john travolta coz emi gan gan ni sharp shooter
Ma kan yen bi carpenter
Stop the senrerenis you are welcome to my premises
Forget minority I am wanted by majority
Omo e must to be


Eeeeee mo nana nana on nawo
Mo nana nanana on nawo
O fe bami na na on nawo


There’s no one but me (4x)

  • 4

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