Efizy Now – Love Mo’

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Efizy now
Swagg haus music group (shawty)

Baby baby stop and stare I swear na d thing I dey feel for u nwanyioma
U just need to put dat thing on me cos I got dis feeling nwanyioma
Love mo'(3x)
Love mo'(3x)

Verse 1
Na so so wrong things oo
I still got dis thing for you nwanyioma
Other girls dey vex oo
They no fit beat u nwanyioma
Love mo’ (3x)
Love mo’ (3x)
Upon all d stress o
I still dey with u nwanyioma
See I no fit lie oo
I go dey with you till the end of time oo
Omo I don chop stone oo
Try to stop me na olee o
I don hear Gods tone o
Carry dis baby na home we dey go o

(Repeat chorus)

Rap verse
See me I no fit lie o lie o lie o
Cos my gurl know say I dey for my grind o
See us hit it off like a lotto
No more fronting d kid got d mojo
We stay fly like some bellview plane
Haters stay mad at your rear view ma’am
We both glitter they can’t touch they stan
Starring at my brand new vans
Dis babe no pimple just dimple
Wetin b ur name cos me sef single yeah!
And I know u look simple
If I buy you popcorn would you like pringle
No b jazz she dey use sef cos d girl fine and you know she set 2x

(Repeat chorus till fades)


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  • Omo I still dey jam d song efizy all day

    ogbu January 27, 2011 7:44 pm

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