Elbee – Lean On Me Ft Shalom

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titles=Elbee – Lean on me ft shalom]

Nor nor nor nor nor nor nor
Elbee , shalom de rising sun inna the place nor
Young D on the beat oh nor nor nor
Yeah yeah yeah
Yor yaw
Its your boy
Shalom you know I got you
Young D on the beat
Offdrops entertainment

VERSE 1 (Elbee rap)
Serving drinks in the club she was looking so fly
Omoge toh bad baht she had tears in her eye
So I walked up to her asked her shawty why cry
She said elbee I thought I had found the right guy
After minutes that we talked saw the pain she was feeling
Her mind wasn’t better and her heart was ailing
She couldn’t even see the love hand I was dealing
Wanted to be her man I was able and willing
Said I know this aint right but could I have this dance
She said not in this life time not even a chance
But we felt the connection as we both held hands
And she said God I pray this don’t lead to romance
On the dance floor she said elbee you the koko
The way you touching me you dey make me dey kolo
Am back to square one with you oh no
Now I sed baby shush lean on me like ure pillow

CHROUS (Shalom)
It you’re looking for a shoulder to lean on (Girl)
You can lean on me
If you’re looking for a friend to rely on
You can rely on me
Lean on me me me
(You can lean on me)
You can lean me e e e e
(You can lean on elbee)
lean on me me me
(You can lean on shalom)
You can lean on me e e e e

General back up for the whole chorus
(Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh) ( oh oh oh oh oh)

VERSE 2  (Shalom)
I know that I am a bad guy (yai yai)
But for you I go try
I no go ever let you cry (yai yai)
You river no go run dry
Girl I go be your superman
Treat you well you no go love another man eh
Am a caring kinna tappaman
Believe me when I tell you say
I go be your richard (richard)
Just like in the legend of the seeker (seeker)
Our love no go sour ( sour )
Our love no go ever ever bitter


VERSE 3 (Elbee rap 2)
Ehheeemm  , alright, yeah

Hours spent on the phone now she says am lovable
never seen a girl this sweet dealm she edible
Be ma bonnie lenmme clyde you toh compatible
Baby you ma first lady girl your love is federal
And when you got a problem you know who to call on
Ma shoulders are small still something to lean on
Lemme colour you heart do you something like crayon
And ill hit from the back as long as you want me to stay on
Cos at this point in time I’ve fallen for you really
Cos you look good in that white peli peli
Hottie I gotta say reverse mogbono feli feli
PS I admit you u dey drive me crazy
Forget about a man who don’t know how to treat you
Go the depth of the sea just to please you
Would like everything that you say you’re into
No go ever let you cry catch grenade for you


OUTRO (shalom)
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Baby girl so I so I , say hian
Oya tile tile tile tile
Omo omo kolewole
Girl you know I go be your lover

SONG fades

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  • Sick song catchy choice of words good luck elbee , loved dis kid since "I gat sean john jeans'" knew. He had potential kip it up bwai

    felix September 5, 2011 12:09 am

    helen September 12, 2011 6:02 pm
  • I dey feel u ma 9ja bøì elbee, omo u 2 fly lyk ma nigga eldee,wetin dem no gt, bt u dey gt mon3y, kala be de name i dey sell honey,bt ma baby jst dey vex cos i no gt money,mummy pls lemme nt in2 hungry,badman on ma hand wit ma niggaz on de ground,cementary bizness iz d only waz 2 success cos evn illuminati dey suffer madness… Dahs me de Lisa C.e.o lmymcmbizess… Dah fwest bayelsa bøí jor

    Kala Abels March 10, 2012 10:41 am
  • You al shuld free d guy,he tried stil,haba!it isnt easy as yng as he s,wsnt it d same wit d “Justin Bieber” we al knw?nw luk at him,a star.Elbee s doin his tin nd sure he s gona kill his sngs nd yal hear 4rm him.Elbee ur tooo much,do ya tin#BIG UPS

    Delma April 5, 2012 1:31 pm

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