Esojay Luciano – Amazing

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bati boys dem know am amazing
the streets people dem say am everblazing
am amazing (yep,yep) am amazing
am everblazing (yep,yep) everblazing

I’m a ruc representer
break rappers fast,launch attacks they dinner
keys to the bima, smoking that sensimilla
keep them on they toes like a ballerina
they could never know, how they cheddar grow
they muttalab rappers they would never blow
I forever glow, on the mike yeah
adenuga nigga we right here
they just april fools they cant match me
I got the cake my people lets party
girl I really like the way you move your body
I’m feeling hyray, triple tuaile
your girl say she gon hit me on my cellphones
I meann she’s such a slot she should sell phones
she say she wanna blow me like a vuvuzela
she says you not a g, so pick anoda letter
the boy dope u cud ask the ndlea
I’m the shit but I a’int sitting in ur suckaway
married to the money I know they play away
fresh to the death,mite ressurect on th 3rd day
I’m so live this other rappers sound dead
tell me what’s an aje butter without bread
I’m the one like keke
on some other shit, too fly, tse tse
r.I.p dagrin s the new c.eo
I run gidi, eko, the whole city know
next week I might prolly shoot a video
would never back down this aint gidigbo
the flow’s crazy and the beat is so mental
I swear I need yaba left right and center
look at how I’m killing instrumental
nothing is suite xcept its oriental
oh my goodness he is so bad
freestyle shit I dont need a note pad
am so pac and I rap like christopher
and I just want the money fat like oprah
r.I.p to the beat,its gone too soon
yall only see the greens once in a blue moon
so I’m sorry y’all cant hang with us
its safe to say I’m dangerous

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  • sick as usual….esojay luciano the illest lyricist in lasgidi at the moment…… on point…..punchlines intact…..Big Ups….

    veevee February 4, 2011 3:31 am
  • no doubt man on point LUCIANO keep repping

    ozone March 5, 2011 8:34 pm
  • This dude is jusk sick #nuffsaid

    idris April 22, 2011 10:52 pm

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