Eva – Crazy ft Saucekid

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titles=05 Crazy ft. Sauce Kid]

You have just taken the right turn to yaba left

Eva Verse:

I got my brain out in pieces in pieces they spilling right at you
Look at all these bitches with speeches tryna do what I do
They say that business is business I need a better view
Let it go start anew – ahan? What I do
Turn around take em down yes I think I’m the best they found
And I don’t care what they say right now gotta get me all a that paper now
Yes mainne its my shit I’m doing what I’d rather do
Life’s only better they can’t see it from my latitude

and now they say I gat an attitude
Awon oloshi hahahhaa
You just mad I turned out to be a better you
Hahaha! And i

Gaademm I’m a real muthafucker
My thots real black but my asshole blacker
I’m so pissed off don’t push me further
Bitch wanna talk now tell her fuck her
Lemme get this straight let me straight
I do what its takes tryna get me a space and I pop up pretty till I pop in ur face
Right now I’m hot in a couple of states
I’m Fucking insane I’m Topping the pace
And I get paid now for my Popular face
I’m crazy I told you
you come up here with all that famzing
and shit I don’t know you

(Eva Talking)
They said I came up too fast and now I’m breaking records
You know,
Its like I held their CDs and be breaking that shii by the second

You got your music life span gone Shorter than Abaga so
You should never argue a with a crazy mudafucker yo
I’m just spittin reallio
I know this unbelievable
I gat them blown away with my Inny minny miny mo
Yo I gotta right (write) my wrongs so i pen them on a paper
Till I’m making dough more dough like a baker
And I put these lame suckers in a coffin under-taker
Now all ur favorite rappers wanna come up here and Rate-her
Rate me
Now they say shit they hate me
But I’d be out here chilling u cld find me where the Best be
Or I could show you where the Exit is
Or maybe not
Y’all should stay here in yaba left with Sinzuuuuuu

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  • dem naija na ti jaju

    WIZBABY February 7, 2012 12:16 pm
  • (Eva talking) its like I *hold* their CDs *in my hands* ….

    Nonso April 30, 2012 10:25 am

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