Eva D’Diva – Echoes (I Hear the Cries)

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Submitted by Eva D’Diva

Fills the air,
From the burning house down the street
I hold my babies near, as fear gets the best of me.
There’s anger everywhere but hush now go to sleep
Cause when the sun appears,
It will all be just a dream… hopefully

Make a sound,
Let the night keep us safe
Try to drown it out
The screams of Pain
Cause these are the days
Of violence, of hate
This is what we face… In Nigeria,
There must be some other way

Anybody, anybody
Tell somebody, somebody
The heart of our nation bleeds
And it needs some relief

Hear the Cries….
Echo through the Night…..
How do we survive…..
In Nigeria

Verse 2
The North, Niger Delta, Jos and all of Nigeria
Remember we used to be brothers
Remember we loved one another
Now streets rave with blood
Children are casualties of war
How long will this go on
When will we learn

(Repeat Chorus)

Remember, when we were young,
Remember how we lived in love
Remember how it made us strong
One nation under one God

(Repeat Chorus)


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