F.Shaw – Aye Ma Da Fun Mi

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Submitted by F.Shaw

Fresh! Ahn….Fo shaw…..ahn
A dope emcee is a dope emcee…with or without a record deal all can see
Check this out…yo

Verse 1
What could you do to me?
My relevance exonerates me I’m cool, get a life ain’t nothin’ new to me
Oh you d ill rapper? Me I’m the sick rapper..whatever you do I’m always 2steps further…
Yea..than the next man……respect all fear none that’s the slogan…ahn
My flow ridiculous…I flow more, you flow-less oh lemme guess u’v hit menopause
God’s chosen, my thoughts golden, when I put ‘em on beats, u’ll get emotions unfolding…..
Oh then, who is the bad rapper? Raise your glasses, make a toast n tell ‘em its I
My…punchlines stay cryptic…i spit ‘em on Friday…you get ‘em on Sunday…
Wordplay impeccable…lyrics ethereal…there’s nothin’ you can do to me
Put a grip on yourself….cuz

Aye ma da fun mi…O ti tan fun oyta aje (let ‘em know let ‘em know)
Alagbada ina, aseda aye…tala fe fi we? (nobody!)
Aye ma da fun mi…O ti tan fun oyta aje
Alagbada ina, aseda aye…tala fe fi we? (nobody!)

Verse 2
You know I keep it clean, show promoters ask me for a club record..well this is it
Just play it in the club..or maybe in a pub…bop your head grab a drink and dance..
Fresh…..hey! before I wasn’t pretty, now these ladies see me on tv..they smile n say cheese….
Please….I know you don’t love me, you love d’banj and…you love tuface and..
You love p-square and…darey and faze and…
Not to worry, me I got my music and she loves me back…back to the flow
Here we go…i’m the new oldschool call me the mew Motown..
Aye ma da fun mi, o ti tan fun ota aje…..(say what)
Alagbada ina, aseda aye… I walk with God he walks with me…yezzur

If God says yes, who can say No? Nobody! Fresh!


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