Fecko – Kosoun Tuntun ft. Tupengo

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titles=Fecko – Kosoun Tuntun ft. Tupengo]


Ise ti yato
It’s your boy Fecko the Emcee
And I got Tupengo in the building
The movement is still moving
Yo, E-twinz wuddup?
Let’s Go…Oshee!


Ko soun tuntun la be orun mo
E ma fi dudu pe funfun fun wa mo
Ko soun tuntun x3
Ko si oo


I salute ya, mo kinyi o
Got da green (dagrin) on my mind, I’ma C.E.O
I can’t be messed with as you see me so
I mean as you see me so
Need a life jacket, heading for the mainstream
I flow like (the sea) DC no Washington
And I think global – destined to make it
No phones I can hear the world calling me
Lagos-bread lomo ole kpe mi agege
I rep Mushin the way Showkey rep A.J
Still Dat Ibo boy, nwanne ke ije
And I love ballin’…Jay Jay


Dragons get scared when I spit fire
Forget greetings watch the boy go hi ya (higher)!
You can ask Tha Rapman, I’ve been there before
Dropped free-tapes, paid to perform and all
Now am set to roc nations…I’m on to the next one
Boyz are not smiling, me I don dey vex son
I gat game, I aint talking Nintendo
Who’s rockin’ your street? Fecko and Tupengo
Ask Isaac Newton, no be by force
To drop nkan. meji or meta force (metaphors)
But ofcourse, you know we’re blessed with this
So I gotta get buzz like a swarm of bees



E si lawo, owo a lawo
Everybody wanna be part of it
The streets dictate what it is they’ gonna play
Won ni Fecko o da, won ni ko ma gba
Ke gbe nu je
Tupengo upon this, you better mind your biz
When the street calls they come us
Won je fun arawon cos they know we hot
Boys are not smiling (2x)


I gotta make hits before I make it?
Still keeping it real, man it’s hard to fake it
Taking my skill to its maximum potential
Qualified artist! forget credentials
Who said emcees can’t make good music?
Good emcees can make good music
Ask the cashier, I’ve paid my dues
So no use me play like soccer shoes



Multikraft yo, Fecko the Emcee
Tupengo, yee ehh
Tupengo nwanne you know we just killed it man
E-twinz….On the beat…yee eeh
Crystal sounds you get mouth wetin be this? abeg o.

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