Flavour – N’abania

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Okwa n’abania ka ife n’ine ga eme! N’abania!-Okwa na this nite wey everytin go happen! This nite! (4 times)
Make u no dey frown, today is a happy day. Just relax urself as we go dey party, all nite long
Omaricha nwa di nma – Beautiful babe wey dey goodNye’m obi gi – Give me your heart
Okwa n’abania ka ife n’ine ga eme – Okwa na this nite wey everytin go happen
Ife nke a asogbu onwe ya – This tin too sweet
Ra mmanya, taba ife – Drink wine, chopulate something
Nwebe anwuli – Be happy
Oringa towam ishi – Chopping don sweet my head, finish
All work and no play, e dey make me a dull boy
Okwa n’abania? No be tonite?
A nwu na __ maka nkwu na bia – No drink __ because palmwine dey come

Draw nearer to me, make I dey feel u, make we do something, make we jolly dey go
Ife nke a asogbuwe mu o – This tin don sweet me finish
Ife afu ge me echi ya me n’abania – That tin that will happen tomorrow (in the future), let it happen tonite
Anyi ga na takwa nu ife with umu nwanyi a – We will be chopping with these females
I ne chegbu onye gi maka ife nke uwa – U are worrying urself to death with things of the world
Na you I dey talk to
Yes o munwa – Yes it is me
Why u dey frown, dey bone. God de. My brother biko gba nkiti – My brother, please hold ur peace
Just kunie n’oche – Just get up from the chair
Ist things first, in God we trust. Left to me, u don’t have a choice, it’s a must

Okwa n’abania ka ife n’ine ga eme – Okwa na tonite wey everytin go happen
Gwa di girl na ur Jeep di na border seme – Tell the girl that your Jeep is at the Seme border
Onwero! Ana ruya aru na Enugu – There isn’t! It is being fixed at Enugu
Nwanne mepe anya I budi kwanu mugu – My brother open ur eye, are u a mugu?
Yes o, o munwa dat Nig.g.a raw – Yes o, it is me, that Nig.g.a raw
Biko ebuzi na obi – Please don’t be heavy hearted, anymoreNa time adiro – For time no remain
Abi, abeg, Flavour make u do the thing u sabi

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  • Hi Bukie, did you do this translation by yourself? Please let me know how I can collaborate with your site. I want to translate Igbo lyrics.

    Vivian January 12, 2012 5:04 am
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    brand Tino July 20, 2013 12:42 pm
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  • No drink raffia-palmwine cos there will be palmwine

    goodluck February 12, 2016 5:15 pm

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