Flowssick – Low Key

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The night is young
The light is bright
The girls dem feel me
They like my swag they like the height
The girls be tripping say they be feeling the way I move
They feeling my attitude
If you they feel me catch this cruise
And all I have to say to you

Let me give it to you lowkey
Take it low don’t let your mother know
Let me give it to you lowkey
The way she roll makes me blow my dough
Let me give it to you lowkey
Take it slow the way you go down low
Let me give it to u lowkey
The way you roll dey
Make me blow my dough
Let me give it to you lowkey lowkey

Verse 1
Say dem feeling the way I waka mmm
I bring dem swagger say dem really dey feel the prada
Mmm there’s no one badder coz I give dem what they wanting
The girls dem no be fronting dey see me and they jumping act like dey be sniffing something
Mmmm is it him for sure he bad to the bone let me give him more x2


Verse 2
Dem no dey feel me when me broke though
The Girls dem just they form though
They put me on the long but now girls dem just dey follow
But now me bad to the swag
They rig up the chance they have
Coz now they see me bad
Me blow now they feeling bad
No time for fronting they be running
i give Dem what they wanting they feel and they be jumping act like dem be sniffing something


Verse 3
The way i move pon the floor
The girls they wanting more
They say the love my swag on the floor
They give me more on the floor they give me more
They give more on the floor x3

See Ekelly on the beat
Its koller tunz flowssick flowssick kid pweedy


  • 6

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  • Can u pls tell me wher i cn download dis song 4 free thanks

    Sabi March 18, 2012 5:21 pm

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