G.I – 92 Bars

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Submitted by Chocxy M.

U know am G.I
Am driving tru ur hood shawty better say hi
Forget the paparazzi or I will say bye
Am doing so good boy ma haters wanna die
Cus dey r sitting ducks
But me am super eagle
And don’t dare me cus am devil like evil kanivil,rapper so I will deceive u
Time is money so its love at first site
Cus I am tired of spending money in shop rite ah hh! ! !
Oh yeah we going higher
But I am not Timaya
Cus I won’t get ma ass wipped infront of no choir
Dey call me sugar daddy
And am in ma twenties
I chase big money
Homie u can have the pennies
And Genevieve is locked up in ma boys quarters
Am looking for Omotola so we can cut corners
Cus am a good guys
I like the big girls
Ma shine is so bright I intimidate light
Ma shawty so hot she cud make ur girl a dike
Am reppin nu school,so player take a hike
Or maybe take a bike
That’s what u used to
No wonder dey be beefing anytime I cruise through
Music is ma girl,I fuck her everyday
Ma flow is tighter than a dildo in ur ass hole
I know u thinkin boy G.I is ashawo
But am owo aha! ati swagger
We pop champagne boy, fuck paraga
I throw some money up and change the atmosphere
Hurricane cash girl u don’t ever have to fear
We see above the skies, we sail above the stars ,supernatural trips like am winchester
More oyinbo fans than manchester
So what r u saying,u think that am playing
Me and three girls the 3rds name was Uche jumbo
About to do it 4 ways I call it playing ludo
And am the big shit,the kind that don’t flush
The kind that’s always in your face and yes I went to grace
Chocxy running so fast I. Like to see em chase
Ur money comes in months, ma own arrive in days lol
Nu school entertainment,I need ma fucking payment
U sign a nigger up,u better lift ma bank statement
Hay chocxy I know am price less
But that don’t mean for free don! So here’s ma price list
I need a rolls royce, to kill some bastards
And a 9milli to killi they nine lives
I gat a nice willy to billy they 9wives
But am a where wolf so I don’t fuck bitches
I gat a stitch for any snitch who mouth is big as nikkis ass
I puff puff but I don’t pass
Cus friends dey don’t last
They only friends indeed as long as they in need
But me I don’t bleed,boii u need a heart for that
She broke it long ago and I don’t wana glue it back  nah I don’t wana blow it back
Watsup 9ice nigger
I think that u shud chill
Don’t loose ur mind or career over a pair of hills
Cus if she did wat u said she did she ain’t worth the deal
But sm1 tell me smthin,singers dissin rappers where d fuck did we go wrong singers don’t belong
Actors tryna rap, dey make ma ears weep coz when I hear e’m dey sound like they reading 4rom a script.
But me i like actress wt no dress
Am tryna knock the toto out ta tonto the booty  killin me johnson show me sm mercy
And u can get freaky,its allowed
Bt in ma private party girl no fones alowd
Cus I aient wande,bt ma soul is black as coal
And if u broadcast me amo leave u ……
Punani still tight, booty so soft
She gat me aimin for her hole like I am playin golf
I did it better than the best so she call me greatest
Ask ma x girl u will knw ma dick is famous
Ask about me cus dis was meant to be
Aint nobody do dis good accidentally
And am so cocky, even ma swagg throw punches harder than rocky
U r jus lucky, a one nyte stand but
I gat more life on stage than a life band
So wats the f mehn g I is the man and u r just a manican
Somuch good luck I gave sm to jonathan
We headin to the toilet, no its nt to urinate am the presido so she gat to give me head of state
And am so hot even the sun wana date me, ur girl wana persuade me
Shordy gat a superbutt that she use to sedate me !
Fuck it I ain’t asking am grabbin ur booty girl sue me !
Ma empty goes further than ur full tank so u ain’t gat the gas to pursue me
Ma tunes r kinna loony and am so loony even toons wana screw me
Other rappers spit,well I vomit on the track,dissolve it and suck it back in coz am fly
And don’t ask y, except  u wanna die
Cus amo keep dropping dem lines like nepa
Controlling every traffic in ma lane like Lastma raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

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  • i do not know what 2 say about dis useless song

    WIZBABY February 7, 2012 12:04 pm
  • dis is a bomb, infact i’m short of wordz……. D booty is killin me jonhson show me some mercy…. Ask my x gurl u ll knw my dick is famous….. i got a stich for any snitch who’s mouth is big as nikki’s ass…… Raaaaaaaaaa

    richard June 9, 2012 5:02 am
  • dis is a bomb, infact i’m short of wordz……. D booty is killin me jonhson show me some mercy…. Ask my x gurl u ll knw my dick is famous….. i got a stich for any snitch who’s mouth is big as nikki’s ass…… Raaaaaaaaaa

    richard June 9, 2012 5:02 am
  • dis song is 5:15 munitz flows non-stop, no chorus. Nd 1 wacko is here tellin me d song worth grammy. Bullshit

    richard June 9, 2012 5:22 am
    • tellin me d song aint worth grammy rather

      richard June 9, 2012 5:25 am

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