G!D! K!D – Bragging Rights ft. George Bush, Rapping Machine

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(G!D! KID)

This is my license 2 boast. This is my bragging right.
Too much money in my pocket gat me sagging like/
some banking-shite is going on in my baggy pantz.
I’m a walking bank carrying my vault wit all my mighty might.
I’m not just braggin-on-this, i’m body bagging-these/
mudafuckerz after i left ‘em breathless like a lung sac-disease.
My sex aint safe, fuck wit me and get infected wit syphilis.
I’m killing this, milling this, drilling this, my mission is/
to make the millionz and dont stop bringing in the dollar billz.
So much murder thrill, All these haterz i slaughter still.
And y’all know it’z till death before this baller chillz.
I’m kinda done killin wack rapperz.
Coz they like carz on fast lane wit flat tyrez.
Lyrical restrictionz as i rap/wrap their mouth wit barbed wirez.
I’m both cool and hot like a mild fire.
I’m an unforgiving judge, i don spit barz tire(sentencing imprisomentz)[pidgin english].
I’m a fierce soldier, cruel ogre like Shrek,mike myers.
I’m dope and ill combined, the rap god’z punished me 4 being sublime, call me a lyrical martyr.
This fakerz make me picture a bull in the toilet coz they bullshitting too much.
Get back to making sense, u Eedrissing too much.(Eedris is a wack ass MC in Nigeria.lolz)
I’m so prepared like the scout even when i sleep.
Imma make u end ur life wit a shout and shut ur eye lidz.
Mudafuckerz wanna go/grow hard like me so they feeding on pine seedz.
I gat haterz screaming “why me?” before i drive my knife in/
their throat, dice it and slice it.
I’m so guilty 4 murder but these fucking judgez cant try me.
I go hard 2 da top even a depressed elevator cant decline me.
Like Tony and Manolo, i alwayz gat my hommie SCARFACE beside me.
U can bring on the HATE coz shit aint LiKELY.
This is a fucking freestyle, i just gave out my style free.


(George Bush)

I got the license to boast coz i got the bragging right.
I got the license to jump on this ill shit and rhyme tight.
I brag coz i can so stop hating on a star.
I drive you nuts with my swag like I’m a fucking car.
Allow me to brag sucker because I’ve earned it.
You were saying so much crap so i had to end it.
You look at my avatar and say I’m seeming cool.
But I’m so bad that i drown you in a swimming pool.
Until my death i knock your breath out like Tupac.
I’m high like I’m a Jamaican who just smoked two pack.
I don’t sag my pants low but i sag my collars high.
I’m like a rainbow showing colors at the sky.
I got millions of dudes aspiring to be like me.
I got minions, all girls, wanting to sleep with me, likely.
I’m done dissing, guess it’s time to start kissing.
Misses miss me, whispering to my ears, i can’t listen.
I’m the boss but i ain’t talking about Rick Ross.
I break your balls and use it for a dick toss.
I’m the dream, I’m the scheme, part of this brag team.
Killing suckers, call them motherfuckers, that’s my theme.
Gidi is the kid, guess that makes me a toddler.
That’s because this rapper here is way older.
I try to get bolder, they try to hide me in a folder.
But i moved over and got the paper like i told ya.
I make it rain so I’m sort of like Lil’ Weezy.
You’re so boring with the mike, damn, I’m still dizzy.
This is bragging rights, M.I challenging Blaise.
Believe me dude, this is just a wild goose chase.
This is just a freestyle, i did in a low key.
Now your legs are shaking like you’re daddy showkey.
Five minutes and i killed it, so unbelievable.
I just scored more points than this Liverpool.
hOMEY i understand what you mean to say yeah you got all of the rights
but how the fuck do we deal with kanye he has got all of the lights! smile
just joking don’t get serious i loved your rhymes i want just no fights
and if we collab like this again i swear we hit the motherfucking heights!

but the point is this place has gone down bad this place is fucked up bad
and i created the same platform on fuckin facebook guys you should be glad
and the idea was mine so please fuck off if u say the idea was from my dad
And this would be the best motherfucking platform rappers like me ever had

so show up your talents and be the best to pull up the fucking throttle
ladies and gentleman, motherfuckers and assholes welcome to the rap battle…

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  • wow!! dis iZ wat em nigGaz rap kip iT up brO

    silzyboidawiz September 20, 2011 10:22 pm

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