G!D! K!D Ft George Bush – Kid In Tha Hood

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Kidz in tha rude hood never in a good mood.
We refined this shit like we should crude… ‘Gat ma home-boy George bush on this one.

Verse 1
Take me away from the hood in a bentley not a casket.
Not in an orange suit 2 the prison coz i dont wanna get busted.
Unlike The Game/ when I pray 4 fortune & fame/ I dont give God optionz 2 choose from.
I tell Him I wanna fly out and not die out of this crooked slum.
If u from the streetz then u’ll understand this.
If u aint sharp,nigga’z gonna racket(racquet) u like tennis.
High viscosity, u gat 2 go harder than a penis.
The hood u call a jungle is home 2 me.
I school while I hustle, teacherz dont fool me.
Lasgidi made me Notorious like Biggie.
I’m Gidi, i run the city like Diddy till I be really filthy with milli.
Aint in the army but i still spit lyrical missile.
U gat 2 be a soldier, street’z tough and rough dont be fragile.
I’m a kid in tha hood, u cant fit in ma shoez.
If u so much step like M.J. nigga’z will take ur pop and give u da bluez.
U can use ma d¡¿k as ur mic coz i dont give a fork what u say.
Riding on a stolen bike looking 4 the price fortune payz.
I aint rich aint poor, aint a b¡+¿h aint soft.
I breach the law but cant get caught.
I just
Pull up my hood,face the ground, and walk around with a frown.
I’m climbing the ladder to the top and never heading down.
Like 9ice, i like the kinda life wey i dey live.
I’m alright with fish and pomo I no care about people wey dey beef.
A.J. city and V.G. city are 2 different worldz, ájé pakò and ájé butter.
Like Em’, I’m just a kid from the gutter trying 2 make this butter from this blood suckerz.
It’z Rich Dad Poor Dad, we on da same book but aint on da same page.
Either it rainz or shine it’z no difference 2 me so I broke ma rain guage.
I love education but I hate school.
For me, Ruggedman trackz and Felabration is the way through.
I’ve seen a way out and about tha hood, I’ve chosen a route that goez through my mouth, if u know what i’m talkin’ about.
I’m out.


(George Bush)
Hey dudes, it’s the state of emergency.
Think you’re hot enough? Emerge and see.
We win the trophy. Come to steal? That’s a catastrophe.
We cast the noose on your head, dead? That’s the fee.
We roll this coast like a rollercoaster.
We’re hot, we grind, call it molar roaster.
We spread on the bread (money) like a toaster.
A.K 47, the clips are seven, shit, don’t come closer.
The hood is like Gold coast, I ain’t talking ‘bout Ghana.
Kid in tha hood all wearing Gucci and Gabbana.
Making fresh money, got a bunch like banana.
Soldier kits, golden teeths, seven clips, and one red bandana.
I’m getting salutes like I was a sergeant.
You’re getting washed up like used up detergent.
Girls fill forms on me like I was a beauty pageant.
In tha hood, nothing’s good, all nasty to 100 percent.
I’m getting higher, call it ecstasy.
You ain’t fly, you got rejected at the embassy.
You were once sailing, now stuck up at the red sea.
Call 911, gently explain the urgency.
George baby, and I’m here with Gidi-Kid.
Two atoms form atomic squad, now they plead.
Yeah, I murder them the same way Gidi did.
Welcome to my hood, but I ain’t talking ‘bout Khaled.
I’m young but old dudes wanna hear me speak.
That means I’m hot like a sexy little chick.
I’m blazing but I ain’t talking ‘bout Nick(i).
If they hate, I tell ‘em “suck my dick”.
I push the other rappers like I was tambourines.
They ain’t fly, they just be jumping on the trampolines.
We inherited tha hood like we was it’s next of kins.
Game over, dude move over, pack your things.
I’m on your mind while you’re sleeping, NIGHTMARE.
And I’m only 17, said that coz of those who might care.
Do dunk on these players like I was Michael, fair.
16bars, I added two, now they screaming “Hell yeah”.

(George Bush)
Ha! Ha! Gidi. We just committed murder. Now they’ll surely respect these kids in tha hood. LOL


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