Gino – I’m So Fly

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Baby no be lie (so fly)
Baby no be lie (so fly)
It’s Gino baby
Naeto C, YQ (so fly, so fly)

Chorus – YQ (2x)
Baby no be lie
I am so fly
You can take my hands or meet me in the sky
Baby no be lie o
I am so fly o

Verse – Gino
Baby No be lie
I am so fly
You can take my hands , you can meet me in the sky
Na so we go dey dey
Three sixty five, I aint settling for no piece
Got my hands in the pie
I am flier than the pilot in my new ride
Anybody wey dey vex make himself go guy (ok go buy…eh eh go buy)
Make u no dey carry nose anytime I roll by
Omo jeun soke
Keep your hands high
Let me see your hands up like 11:05
I am still undefeated
I got no tie
Now I can make it rain when I am pissing on your sky, damn
They wouldn’t let us into my house
Where the party at: Omaha
No be lifeless like, I am in Neverland
I am so fly, I would never land

(Repeat chorus)(2x)

Verse 2 – Gino
Baby no be lie
I am so fly
I know a couple of haters want to shoot me out the sky
But I keep a stealth mode, now you know why
Plus I got them on my radar, I keep a close eye
See my name is Gino but you can call me baby
I know a few ladies who wanna have my baby
I am so cool who wouldn’t want me for their babay
I ain’t all these youngins who dey holla”hey babay”
Mama if you lonely, do I need to ask
You need to buckle up, 120 on the dash
You can find me getting cash and money out the stash
And homie if I aint eating, it means say I dey fast
yea…Went from ashy to classy
bus pass to cars with no back seats
In order words that’s trashy to flashy
So u better jazz your flash

(Repeat chorus)(2x)

Verse – Naeto C
(Naeto C) Yes boss
I don’t trust these girls
I know they get around
So I box them like Tyson, only one round
If you go dey vex, then its best I retire
She thinking about love and I’m thinking about Naira
I’m trying to make her add it ,shes not good in math
It’s best that I leave before you subtract
Before you distract
I am so narrow minded
Telling me about an issue
Girl you might be grounded
Forget about the package
And your friends say you package him
I am always on the edge
She’s trying to ground me like
Baby girl, yea you dealing with the Javelin
Lonely when I am traveling
You know what i am dabbling
Show here, show there
I know you want a show here, show there too
I would be lying if I said I wanted you around
Just to make you feel less endued

(Repeat chorus)

Money (8x)
Owo repete, naira repete
Money (8x)
Owo repete, naira repete

….and we out

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  • Man, this is hot man. This is the best lyrics and song I have this year and I still respect the name GINO. Best SG. Stay cool

    Iyase Icent O. May 10, 2011 1:12 am

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