Glenn – Take Me Away

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Phat Joints,Wazbeats….Glenn

You be the one that want
The one that i need
It could only take u and me
to make this journey begin
Cos you brought out all the part of me
that i never thought was there
You made me know who i am
and every single moment shared with you
so precious i can never get
from nobody else

Dont want nobody (body)
Girl i just wanna make u my buddy and my baby
Gurl i wanna make u mine
Could this be love that i be feeling
in my body (body)
Everybody tell me
It’s something i just cant deny
Cos u dey take me away(2x)
Baby girl u just dey take me away
U dey take me away

You’re the air that i breathe
You’re the song that i sing
In the sky you are my star
You’re the tiny string in my guitar
And when i’m with her i’m thinking of you
And how i love to watch u wash your face
No i cant let u go
I cant stand missing you
Cos you’re the fairy in my fairy tale

(Repeat Hook)

Cant cant cant
Cant let you go
Cos cos cos
You’re the fairy in my fairy tale

Repeat Hook till fade..


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