God’s Own Radical – No Time

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(No time eh)
At all At All
Ha ha
God’s Own Radicals
Bracket dey hia so
Listen up

Unrighteousness is a mess in any country
Bringing reproach to any nation that she approaches
I got to mention this before its kind of late
When we all you and i are gonna be full of hate
We’ve got a righteousness which came through Christ
Who made us who loved us and who died for us
Now you may ask what can i do to make Him take
Its best you give your life to Him and feel His light
Flowing into you to give insight and hold you tight
With all the promises my Jehovah has put in place
Healing mercy love ha joy and peace
Check yourself respect yourself folks
Before you go all out and wreck yourselves
God’s Own Radicals bringing you salvation chimes
Better give your life to Christ in these times
Cos on that day you may be asked if you heard these rhymes

Na dis thing wey dey make me Kolo e, kolo e kolo e ahhh}
(Life without Jesus Christ) } 4x

Somehow some way I got to say this
Salvation is free and you don’t have to pay
Just come to Him and please forever lay
Your life down forever today
You may have done drugs or even been a thug
Or made yourself to be a bug (bug)
Na Jesus dey make me kolo
Anytime i waka even when I dey solo
Na him righteousness I dey follow
I tell you peeps it aint that bad
At all at all it aint that hard
Trust in the Lord and come under His grace
Cos those under the law are under its curse
Jesus Christ the door open up your heart
Let Him erase all your flaws

Na dis thing wey dey make me Kolo e, kolo e kolo e ahhh}
(Life without Jesus Christ) } 4x

I promise not to sin again
Ever since I met Christ I came born again
Now in my Life I said sin has no say
Cos when sin comes I kick it away
Redemption from sin linking me to the king
Saved to be seen with good news to ring
Give your life to the king escape the pit of hell
The curse of death and witness a brand new rebirth
Come to Him sisters give your life to Him
For a brand new life which you never seen
Forget the drugs the life of thugs
Let Jesus come into your soul give you a bear hug
Dont wait till its too late to make choice
Come ride with us in the rolls Royce
Declaring with just one voice the message of the most High

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