GT Da Guitarman – Excuse Me Sir

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titles=Excuse Me Sir]

Ember entertainments baby!!
And guess who is back?
GT the guitarman!!!
Its 2000 n G.Twelve
Excuse me sir!
Can I have one minute please..

If I gat one chance to come
Face to face with the man in power
I will say it like it is
With no intention of causing no drama
Things are getting harder (sibi ile gbolude bawo la o se se)
We work our fingers to the bone
Still we gat nothing to show

Walk the street to see the faces
Of the people your lead…
Can you beat your chest and say you’ve met the least of their needs….
Should we pretend like all is well
Put our worries on our shelves
Due respect I think you should know
How it feels…

Excuse me sir iya n jewa
All I want Is just for things to get better
Ogede n baje e lo n pon
Esi ni a menu mo kama lulu kama jo
In the midst of our pain..Its a shame
Still gat time to make a change..
Ogede n baje e lo n pon
Esi ni a menu mo kama lulu kama jo
Oda a

Ariya n mo wa..nbi mogbe n jaye
With my friend in d club just yesterday
was celebrating that he’s leaving this country..
Embassy don full to d brim
Brain drain tala ri ba wi?
But av decided long ago..
There is just no place like home


Ese e re kodara
Ese e re kodara o
Eyin aye kan ese e re
We re not asking for too much
Just wanna survive..
Just wanna survive..
We work 9/5 but make notting
Yet bills keep piling..
But u keep on stealing and lying


2000 n Gtwelve baby!
We ve been their puppet too long
Dancing to the same old song
Yet all u do is sit on the fence
And not fight for your rights
Rather wait till paradise
Till u get a bite
Keep dancing to their tunes..
But I just stopped dancing

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