Gwariboy – Grace

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Hey shawty
Awww Gwariboy

You know everybody gat a special somebody
This song is dedicated to all the beautiful girls in the world
But most specifically my baby

She’s more than just a woman to me
She’s everything a man should want
And I’m sorry for my negligence
My baby is relevant
I’m going right back to her
all I need is
Grace (7x)
All I need is grace (3x)
To show her that I’m a changed man

Verse 1
Teach me how to love
I’ll be your student
promise I’ll listen every word that you telling
You are my girl my whole inspiration
No I’m not bluffing
Im not sweet talking
Every other skele wanna be like you
ahh baby me o shere I wanna be with you
Some nights I’m gone
While you’re home alone
Never called your phone
I’m sorry
Its the way you do the things you do to me
And truthfully you gat me going on like owww owww owww baby
wanna give my All all all
Let me put you on tell you what I’ve been thinking
We gonna be together we gonna stand through any kinna weather
Amma be your hero
Everywhere that we go
Amma show you off to the whole wide world

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2
If you ever have anything to talk about
Even if it means nothing
Baby promise I’ll listen
Never worry about every other damn gal they aint gat nothing on you
Coz Baby you’re amazing
My gal is a winner uh uh
She’s a sweetie
I call her young gal
Coz she’s a cuttie
She’s got me on a red light
I aint going no where
I’m right here
I’m right right here
Lil mama see I gatchu I’ll never let u go
Even when the rain pours amma be your umbrella
Take you round the world
Paris or Milan
Anything you want
Just say the word
And its done done done
Shawty you the one one one (2x)
We gonna fall in love like its our very first time
And if it doesn’t work the first time
We gonna do it again

(Repeat Chorus)

Yeah it is what it is
Sometimes a man gatta do what he gatta do
And a man is just a man
You know,I love my gal

(repeat Chorus)
Grace till fade

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  • Gwariboy August 1, 2011 9:50 am
  • D sky is not enough to hold u Bak. Keep flying high. All d best

    Agatha Sarauniya Gam August 4, 2011 10:14 am

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