Hi Beezle – Fight Till The Finish ft Ugly

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Submitted by Hi Beezle

Only the strong will survive in the fill till the finish
& evryone wanna get it (*3)

Verse 1
theme of the brand new year
ban mu be
push it to the limit,beezle don’t fear fear
on the grind full time
per time ke?
gotta get paid
boys gotta jembe
sippin on juice or sippin on beer
leary type lens
whine ur mye mye
walahi talahi,boys gotta get paid
and the school year is gone
so i’m on a new lane
new mind frame, new climing,
fans blowin’ horns fr the new rhyme king.
me i’m on street,dats stil my p
neva changing,laws of Jay-Z
doin my thing,keepin’ it trill
speak for the peeps,but chill on the beef
dats the vision from the streets.
its stil Ib,
beezle big tymin.


Verse 2
no voice box beezle
men, ur guy cant shout
tell the hood i’m around
wit kwite and small stout
visioning later;but livin for the now
they know its goin down, dats y i am around
function the function
blessed wit the fienesse
adept in the area of moves and meriment
gem amongst men
the eyes dats got vision
buildin my dreams in the midst of confusion
skyscrappers, wide acres
fly ass girls wit the spec-A cars
spectators, watch and learn
stack it up well
fuck havin money to burn
beezle knows this, Beezle does this.
call me Barry White, i practice wat i preach
then i push some extra
reminded of the days of them long semesters.


Verse 3
So i strive to the end
enforce wit new trends
men want bread, but me i want lemz
pushin to the limit,infinite, it neva finish
fienin for a millie,but livin like state prison
soon e go beta, den come d rain season
gotta hustle hard, good life a good reason
year by year, tear by tear
pushhh.. sooner or later u’ll break even
see, the dream is winning
the sky is just the beginning
put my heart in it
i fight till dat finish
past dat limit
fuck that gimmic
king on the throne,break bread like thanksgiving
see, the things dey do are dumb without meaning
me i stay fly in jeans or in linen
rin tin tin,my dogs will roll wit me
so roll up one for those who came with me.



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